Why Suffering May Be Beneficial

Let me first say this, and I mean it with all sincerity, IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR A PERSON STRIVING TOWARDS THE LIGHT TO SUFFER, and neither it is God’s intention to make mankind suffer. Sorrow and affliction which plague, mankind both saints and sinners today are not part of God’s Divine plan for mankind, but rather man has exercised the free will wrongly to cause this pain. We can define suffering as a form of mental and or physical pain, but it is still personal to each individual. This is because there are people who can endure much more pain than others.

Suffering As A Form Of Priviledge

However a person may redeem some former sin by suffering, but only when he has clearly understood the reason for his suffering, and humbly accepted it as the did, for instance, the penitent thief on the cross, who begged Jesus for forgiveness, and to be remembered in eternal Kingdom.

When one clearly understands one’s suffering in this way, it allows room for spiritual growth. This means suffering is not an inevitable part of one’s growth, but in suffering, one does grow thereby. If we accept that there is a purpose for our lives, and we are not in conflict with this purpose, then, there is no need for suffering. However, if we rebel against this, and believe rather in our own opinion and selfish idea, then suffering is bound to occur. This is because spiritual life is striving towards perfection, and can involve offering ourselves by way of sacrifice, which most times is not palatable, therefore is again a part of suffering.

Anything Growing Requires Change

Everything to do with Spiritual attainment demands renunciation of one kind or another. Even if we do this willingly, it is still a form of sacrifice on our part. When we accept what comes to us, with no bitterness, then we are using our talents wisely. If we feel really bad about it, it is alright to ask for GRACE to endure and get on with it. Your spirit has the capability to deal with it, so acceptance is what your mind needs.

Give yourself what life demands of you without hitting back, or find an excuse or complain. Rather draw on the inner strength which is always available, and by so doing you will be able to serve with love and gratitude those whom you have been called upon to serve.

If a person experienced tribulation and or sorrow so severe, it can refine the soul. In that, this hardship can awaken the finer intuition enough to be sensitive to THE LIGHT. This LIGHT vibration is always present in the UNIVERSE but has not been noticed especially from people who are in pursuit of earthly pleasures. However, a long period of distress, that humbles a broken soul can awaken the vibration and allow this connection. The connection of a broken man in wanting to alleviate the suffering will wish to be closer to God. He may further this wish by prayer and willingness to do the right thing.

How to receive help

The cry for help can only be heard when man directs their thoughts and interest from mundane things, but rather with earnest and humility seek spiritual power. Whenever one’s thought and ways uphold justice and compassion, he will experience peace and joy.

One must be willing to practice this justice and compassion in all it’s undertakings, whatever they may be, whether they concern family, vocation and relationships.

How to react to suffering

First and foremost is to understand THE TRUTH in life that most tragic events in life (at large) and in our lives are only temporary, and they work according to the CREATION LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. This law operates in LOVE OF THE ALMIGHTY, in that it strives towards perfection in mankind. Our understanding of this truth will help us from being depressed by whatever we are going through and give us the courage to soldier on and scale through.

What we are saying here is to develop that individuality and free ourselves from all worldly influences, working and listening only to our intuition (the voice of the soul) for direction. In this way, we take responsibility for our actions and decision always.

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