The Risk & Dangers Of Processed Foods

We are aware that food processing involves many transformations of fruits and vegetables before they arrive on our tables to make them suitable for eating. The question here is to what extent do we tolerate processing our foods?

On the home cooking, food processing is a simple chore and does not usually contain preservatives and or additives, that are usually in industrial scale food processing. The additives and preservatives are to give the foods longer shelf lives. The most common preservative is SUGAR.

Added Sugar

Most foods in the natural state contain enough sugar, vitamins and fibres. These work together in balancing the absorption and regulate the body blood sugar level. However most of these nutrients are removed during processing, and in its place, extra sugar is added as a preservative

Salad bar – Healthy Eating habit.

When we eat a medium-sized apple, for example, it will give us sugars, vitamin C, fibres and other small trace elements. However, this is not the same as drinking apple juice, processed commercially. Processed orange juice contains added sugar, with some fortified with ‘synthetic’ nutrition. The balancing photo-nutrients is usually lost in processed foods, causing a lot of weight gain. One good reason to eat more naturally at all times, especially if one is trying to lose weight or over forty years.

The Dangers Of Eating Too Much Processed Foods

Weight Gain – The more one eats processed foods, the more one gains weight (as explained above). Having a higher body weight tends to lead to higher cholesterol and triglycerides, (a type of fat in the blood). This in turns gives a higher risk of heart problems.

Fluctuating Sugar Level – Eating more naturally even out one’s blood sugar level. Foods in their natural state contain nutrients and fibres that balance out sugar absorption.

Tooth Decay – Eating too much-processed foods is bad for one’s teeth, as the sugars can cause tooth decay. So it is best to cut down on fruit juices, and less obvious ones like tomato ketchup, BBQ, sauces, salad cream & mayonnaise.

Your body is important
Your body is important

One is susceptible to obesity, and its many related illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

Protect Yourself – Check Food Label

Manufacturers do cover up the names of added sugars in process foods. Popular names being used are corn syrup, lactose, cane sugar, raw sugar, evaporated cane juice, dextrose, agave, brown rice syrup etc. So it is important to check on labels. Some lump it to gether as carbohydrates. Luckily, it is now mandatory to stipulate how much of the carbohydrates is sugar. So it important to ensure you are not eating too much than necessary.

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