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The Practice Of Self Love

Until recently self-love is seen as something selfish and self-centred, but psychologist has thrown more insight into why we all need to practice self-love. This is because it is only when we feel right and balanced ourselves are we in a position to give help and support to others. So the onus is on us to ensure that we can give more by taking care of our needs first. This need includes physical, psychological and spiritual.

Self-care is an important aspect of loving ourselves. It is the practice of deliberately taking action for our self care, and it involves emotionally trying to mitigate our mindsand thinking ability vis a vis all that happen around us.

This means our inner being is important, trying to improve daily, Having an emotionally Spiritual balance is the key here. Self-care is putting your health and happiness first.

It is important to know why this is essential. Practising kindness towards ourselves is akin to what we are taught in all emergency situations. First, put on your own oxygen mask before you are able to help your child. Look for dangers first before you rush in to help another. When we show ourselves such compassion and kindness, we are in a position to be available with more resilience and vigour to help others in the long run. Here are what we need to do to make self love viable in our life.

Differentiate Needs From Want

It is important to take complete control of our life, and the best way to do this is by differentiating needs from wants. This way we can focus on our needs by evaluating our life patterns and adjust accordingly. This includes spending time daily to focus on ourselves and ensuring there is a balance in your life. What are life’s basic needs to focus on? The most important is good nutrition. Have we heard of the term, ‘Eat your foods as medicine, otherwise you will eat your medicine as foods’ This is telling us about the importance of good nutrition for optimum health? Other basic needs are physical activities like exercise, living a sedentary life actually shortens life and deaden the activity of the joints. So regularly exercise the limbs by taking a walk, preferably in the open park because of fresher air and the serenity it affords

Shine And Radiate Within

Forgive Yourself

We all have a skeleton in our cupboards, something we have done in the past, that we now regret because of maturity and more understanding of life. So let us forgive ourselves knowing that we have done these deeds under ignorance. Moreover, we grow by learning, and making mistakes, (some of which we cannot reverse), is part of learning and growing up spiritually.

Wounds related to our identity and our sense of self takes time to heal. It is therefore important to know the reason for the pain. To complete the healing, we might need to realise the higher meaning to the pain. Laugh a lot and don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your mistakes and stupidity.

Set Your Boundaries – Live your life your own way

No one can really love you like yourself, so evaluate your friends and set boundaries. There’s nothing demoralising than being with negative people, and those who do not value life as you do. Do you move with the right kind of people who lift up your spirit, take a positive interest in achieving together etc? If not, then you need to move away from those kinds of people. What will help in setting boundaries is knowing what your values are, and setting your own goals to achieving them. Drop out of an unhealthy relationship, and do not try to please anyone.

You must realise that you cannot be everything and all to everyone, so set the boundaries. Know which relationship to nurture, and which one to get rid of.

Another issue is to ignore others’ opinion of you. All that matters is that you are doing the right thing, so whatever anyone thinks of you should then not matter.

Take the needed rest, not working every day. Have ”A ME” time to yourself, to connect with those that value you. Take time to relax. Light scented candles. Listen to classical music, reading and walking in the park are all helpful in one’s relaxation. Do you have a pet, then play with your pet often.

Give And Accept Love

Live life to the full, by giving and receiving from others. Most of us believe we ought to give and give, forgetting that where there are givers, there will be receivers. And it is healthy to embrace gifts from others as well. So be a grateful receiver of God’s blessing. Accept good gestures, appreciate those who cross your path with their radiance and blessings.

Practice gratitude by writing things you are most grateful for on a daily basis, and dwell on that each morning. Don’t take your life for granted.

Excellence is a habit – Aristole

Moderate Excercise

Know your body and what works for you, so you are unique here, and no size fits all in exercise. This needs not to be vigorous or in a gym is one reason why you need to know what works for you. Simply walking in open space or nature might be enough.

Find A Space To Connect

Without connecting to your Higher Self, life cannot get to an optimum benefit level. Connecting helps us to de-stress and enjoy life to the maximum. How do we do this? Very simple, it is by having a ‘ME TIME’ to reflect on life, nature, creation and how you fit in with them. You can reflect in silence, by listening to music, or generally meditation. Chronic stress does make us vulnerable to infection.

Electronic Detox

Have free time from TVs, phones, electronic gadgets like gaming, smart watches/smart home etc, social media etc. Studies show how today’s kids suffer from depression because of early connection to all the negative stuff on social media.

Eat Healthily

Having a balance body weight is a lifetime problem that cannot be solved by a short time easy solution. That is the reason we see most people struggle with their weight. So the more people realise this the better. This is because all weight gain is directly related to food one eats.

The way forward here is to understand your body relates to food and adjust accordingly. This is simply individual eating healthy TO STAY HEALTHY to suit your body. It involves how your body digest foods you eat, but more importantly those that you love.

However eating more plant-based foods, like fruits and vegetables are all basic to healthy living. Drink loads of water, and supplement where necessary.


Sleep can be the best medicine, a German study found that having enough sleep improves the ability of T-cells, a key part of the body’s immune system that fights infection.

Follow Up On Your Health Concern

It is important to get medical attention for all your health concern. A simple blood test which should be carried out at least once in three years can indicate a variety of health concerns.