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Do Not Look Back, Close The Cycle

There are certain situations in life that we too know and are aware that the game is up, the cycle is ending. Closing cycles or whatever name we may allude to it, ‘Ending Chapter’, ‘The End’, or ‘Shutting Doors’. Some of us are rather stubborn and want it to continue. This, unfortunately, is living in a phase that has ended one way or the other.

Know When A Phase Has Ended

We must be on a guard to know when a phase in one’s life has ended. This is because if we stubbornly cling to such a relationship, we will lose our harmony and close up the opportunity to explore what the future has in store for us. There are many examples of such closing cycles, like job ending, relationship going sour, moving from one country to another, leaving a family house etc. Indeed, the world ‘cycle’ is an emergent market creation, transformation and destruction. There could be many variations of them.

Put Your Intuition To Work

You can keep wondering the reason for closure, or you can go into your closet, and tune into your inner self to show the direction. How do we treat the unexpected, trying to figure it out? I want to tell you today that we don’t always have to have an answer, nor do you always have to understand, especially if it doesn’t make sense. Leave it alone, otherwise, you just get frustrated, bitter and confused.

Wanting to know the reason might not all be positive. We can be stressed in the process and create a standstill, not understanding what is going on, yet unable to embrace the future. We do not need to clog our hearts with bad memories, rather we need to release them, detach yourself so to speak, and let them off because, in life, we sometimes lose, but the most important is NOT to lose the lesson.

Don’t build on a false hope of reconciliation

A Measure Of Affection

Spiritual life and love include a measure of our affection without the need for reciprocity. We create disharmony in our life by refusing to accept a relationship that has broken down or decisions that are awaiting an ideal moment. So stop tunning in an emotional TV of the past, and watching over and over again, reminiscing how much you gave or how much you suffered. All these poison the soul. We should not expect appreciation in whatever we determine to give out.

New dawn can only open up for us if a chapter closes. We need to realise that our involvement with that person or thing is only a habit that will soon wear out. Remember nothing is irreplaceable. Things do pass on, and the best thing we can do is to let them. One way we can help ourselves is to give away items that may bring such uneventful memory back, e.g. souvenirs, albums and other material things. This means we need to de-clutter our hearts and all items that are attached to the bad memory.

Close the cycle, not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance on your part, but because it is no longer useful or serves its purpose in your life. Shut the door, wipe the slate clean and shake off the dust. Let us move into that wonderful person we are meant to be. The future is full of all possibilities if we let it.

A Desire For Vengeance

The desire for vengeance is part of man, but we must realise that there are reward and punishment in God’s order of things. He wants us to leave revenge to him, but to work towards conquering evil by good works, even to those who harm us.

Leave the past behind

We should realise that there’s no enemy for us, they are all our teachers, teaching us to overcome vengeance and prevent the evil of bitterness from overtaking us. Whatever we are today is a result of our choices in the past. Take responsibility for those mistakes of the past that brought about the hardship. Learn from them and move on. Let go of the mistake, but don’t lose the lesson, and be careful of your subsequent choices.

We have to believe everything will be fine and need to move on. Without taking this bold positive step and action, it’s going to be a long day of loneliness and desperation. Sometimes we know exactly what to do but scared to take action, by being in denial. Let us remember that we live our lives before the person or things come into our lives, and not build on the false hope of reconciliation.

We also need to be careful in what we expect from others, those we meet along our life’s journey. It is best NOT to expect anything from others by allowing them their freedom to choose what they want to do with our friendship, but rather offer a hand of friendship, lift them up in a time of their need and difficulty. All whom we meet or are connected with during our journey is a fellow traveller, making this great spiritual earth-life journey, towards perfection.

Avoiding Regret

If we know the truth of our earth life, then we know that we must avoid regret at all cost throughout this journey. Why? Because no great change, especially spiritual change and development is ever made without some challenges, i.e. falls and faults. These are the actual experiences that empower us more for our future challenges, allowing us to overcome easily next time.

We must press forward onwards and forwards, never regerting and never looking back, for the past of even an hour is behind us, and the glorious future with its blazing light is ever before us. Fear has no place in this, we must work to remove fear from the mind.

Cycles In Creation

There are examples of cycles in creation. Light and darkness, where light is essential to appreciate the darkness. In the commercial market, we appreciate the high and the low of stock and commodity markets, the crash and the emergence of corporate giants.

In life, cycles involve winning and losing, strength and weakness, birth and death, seedtime and harvest.

The rising and setting of the sun, the seasonal changes in nature, i.e. winter, summer, autumn and spring, all rising and ending according to eternal law in creation.