Most often than not, some people think being spiritual involves some form of piousness or a type of high moral standard. This is not necessarily so. A person of the high moral standard might not be spiritual or vice versa, although it is expected that a spiritual person would have cultivated a high moral standard.

Spirituality concerns the belief that there is more to ordinary physical life we live. A spiritual person believes in a Higher Being and a form of soul journey after the physical life has ended. He/She looks forward to a sort of higher and purer living in the beyond and believes his/her live here prepare for that.

Lessons in life strengthen us, if we are willing to learn

Mankind must have the knowledge of how all things work mechanically and automatically, so that he may see his way clearly on his upward journey, and know the laws on which he can depend, and the signposts of the road he travels through space. HE must recognize the laws on which the Universe rests.

The Son of God said to men that they should take up the Cross and follow HIM. He meant they should welcome and receive the TRUTH, live according to its precepts and accommodate themselves to the eternal laws which govern CREATION. If these laws are carefully studied and thoroughly understood, man can utilize their working power for the general use of all.

But what the small and narrow mind of man made of these simple and natural facts? Men have constructed the dogma of the Passion, which was neither the wish nor the intention of God, nor of HIS messenger, the Son of God. This was a wrong way, far from what God willed, it led to pain and suffering, while God’s way leads to joy and blessedness.