Spirituality & Wellness

Spirituality or Spiritual Realisation is believing in the continuity of the soul after physical death. A belief system in a Higher Being that controls our destiny in a loving way. Spirituality is NOT a religion but transcends religious beliefs and practices. Before we can narrate the correlation between Spirituality and Wellness, we need to outline the fundamental truth about what Spirituality is. Spiritual growth is hungering after God, The Almighty Father, the creator of all things.

Man Is A Spirit

The Spirit in man is indestructible and lives forever, or until an appointed time of eternal judgement, where the spirit would have determined where he is going to, i.e. eternal life or eternal damnation (death). This Spirit is but a spark of The Almighty that resides in man. Each will decide whether they will take the path to eternal damnation or to everlasting joy, for God Almighty has given them FREE choice.

The most important belief is that this Spark of the Almighty God is the guide all man needs to navigate the ocean of unknown in his sojourn on earth. The life on earth is but a school, and we do repeat many times until we reach that stage of perfection when we really do not need to come back again.

In other to quickly learn the lesson, and prevent repeated earth lives, we need to make use of our intuition, which is the Spark of God directing our path. This direction can only be in love, and not otherwise. To help us, our circumstances and environment are chosen for us, all in love. Such choices are to help us get rid of bad behaviours and cultivate selfless virtues that only treat others with love and respect, irrespective. If all work well, accordingly to what God intended for us, then all organs of our body will be in harmony with the spirit, so no illness can occur.

Why Conflict Shows It’s Ugly Head

As long as the spirit in man/woman and his/her personalities are in harmony, then it is all joy, peace, happiness and good health for man/woman. But if man/woman decides to walk his/her own way, contrary to the path laid down or dictated by his/her spirit, either by his own tendency to worldly desires, or persuasion of others, then conflict and disharmony occur. This conflict and disharmony is the cause of illness, joy and unhappiness.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

We mentioned above that as long as there is harmony, there is happiness, peace, joy and good health because this is simply the natural order of things. The Almighty Father wants us to live a life of all joy and contentment. Therefore we are placed in an Earthly condition and or situation that best serve us. No matter our earthly vocation, lowly servants or monarch, landlord or peasant, rich or poor, as long as we listen and follow our intuition, we will be able to learn the lesson and experience what is necessary for our spiritual development.

Separation Is Impossible

Every individual of us is a part of this Eternal Spirit Spark. Although we are each an individual, in his/her own right, yet we are part of a whole, and therefore no separation is possible. This is known as the UNITY OF THE WHOLE. So in fact whatever we did to the others, good or bad is done unto us, and comes back to us in a way. So indeed cruelty to others brings disharmony and leads to illness.

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