Is conventional medicine worth it?

There’s a great need to ask this question because conventional medicine through prescription drugs, constitute the major treatment in scientific medicine. Also, prescription drugs which are mainly chemical based promise much more than they deliver, and apart from not working, the worse is the huge incalculable side effect, some which could be fatal. Get your PDF Report titled DEATH BY MEDICINE here

Dr Edward Bach has indicated in his book Heal Thyself that the main reason for the failure of conventional medicine is that it is dealing with results, not causes.

Natural Medicine Under Siege

Natural and holistic medicine is under a fiery flame, if not fire by the big pharma, as pharmaceutical lobbyists urge lawmakers to deprive people the benefits of dietary supplements. Drug companies front groups to deny the curative effects of holistic medications and have launched a slanderous media campaign to discredit the value of healthy lifestyles over prescription drugs.

The Nutritional Institute Of America

The Nutritional Institute of America, (NIA) is a non-profit organisation that has sponsored independent research for over thirty years, to support its claim that conventional medicine is America number one killer. It documented its major research in a report titled ‘DEATH BY MEDICINE’. According to NIA, conventional medicine has little interest in the PREVENTIVE aspect of wellness, which will eventually do minimal harm in the long run. And has not taken cognisance of :

  • Stress – and how it impacts on the immune system to balance the body system in warding off diseases.
  • Excessive calorie intake – the number one cause of obesity. In the UK, a study indicated that obesity-related illness has killed more than tobacco, alcohol and drug-related illness.
  • Eating highly processed, overcooked & denatured foods.

Farming in denatured and chemically damaged soil.

Insufficient Exercise – living a sedentary lifestyle.

Exposure to environmental toxins – in modern day living.

The Real Culprit

NIA found out that almost a million Americans die each year due to conventional medication or treatment, giving revenue of $648 billion to pharmaceutical companies.

Unnecessary Medical Procedure

You would wonder why medical practitioners delight in unnecessary medical procedures. Any invasive and unnecessary procedures represent people who are thrust into a dangerous health care system. The NIA analysis gave the number to be 16.4 million and the report indicated that simply entering hospital could result in the following:

in 16.4 million – a 2.1% chance (affecting 186,000) of serious adverse drug reaction.

In 16.4 million, a 5 – 6% chance (affecting 489,800) of acquiring the nosocomial infection.

In 16.4 million, a 4 – 36% chance (affecting 1.78 million) of having the iatrogenic injury, (medical error and adverse drug reaction).

In 16.4 million, a 17% chance (affecting 1.3million) of procedural error.

Commercialising Scientific Research


Similarly, Dr Mercia Angol. a former editor of the New England Journal Of Medicine, expressed her dismay in her outgoing speech titled, IS ACADEMIC MEDICINE FOR SALE?’ She mentioned the growing conflict are tainting science and called for the stronger restriction on pharmaceutical stock ownership and other financial incentives for research.

ABC News Report

According to the ABC News Report, pharmaceutical companies spent over $2 billion a year on over 314,000 events attended by doctors.

The report also found that when a drug company funds a study, there’s a 90% chance that the drug will be perceived as effective, whereas if a non-drug company funded a study, it will only show about 50% favourable result. In effect, money can buy any desired scientific research.

Cynthia Crossen, a staff of Wall Street Journal published ‘TAINTED TRUTH’ that the big pharma gave $292 million to colleges and universities for research in 1981, ten years later, this figure has risen to $2 billion.

What you can do to protect yourself

Luckily we are now in the information age, so make sure you do personal and thorough research into your situation. Seek first to treat your condition with natural holistic remedies. Liaise with the medical profession, and ask if there’s alternative therapy that can help your condition, as you would prefer that to conventional medication. Some doctors are straightforward and can offer you alternative therapy, otherwise, do the investigation yourself. There has been a report of how a 67 years old treat blood cancer with high dose turmeric tablet.

3D Fermented Organic Tumeric
3D Fermented Organic Tumeric

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Looking after yourself is a Divine Responsibility

Contrary to whatever anyone might think, it is the Will of THE ALMIGHTY that all should be in good health. And whoever finds disharmony in himself/herself, which result largely in illness, there are herbs, fruits and vegetables in hundreds to help out. However, it is the duty of each and every one to ensure optimal health, that taking due care of what he/she eats, thinks, and drink.

Eat healthily, preferably organic. Some may say, organic is expensive, but you cannot place a price on your health, good health is the greatest wealth.

Your Mind, An Important Factor In Your Wellness

Take due care of what goes on in your mind. I say this because extensive research indicates that the mind is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body, shows the onset and the course of disease much more definitely than the body.

What are your decisions like. Are you making a decision that is selfish and self-centred without thinking about the impact on others? Think again, and change your ways, everything in the universe is interconnected. You receive what you put out.

Make good choices always.

The greed and materialism of modern-day wanting unnecessary luxurious lifestyle, has contributed largely to illness ravaging around. People thinking that having adequate sleep is a waste of time, they rather are awake making money. Yet not having adequate sleep with its attendance stress is deliberating to the entire body system, in which the brain will be deprived of its balancing system to nourish the body.

Banish Fear

You need to learn to banish fear in your life, especially fear of tomorrow. Simply trusting in the goodness of life and people is enough to banish your fear. Consider the reason for your fear, if you are able to help the situation, there’s really no need to fear, and if you are not able, you trust that you will be helped. Fear is another killer of good health, and even you are diagnosed with any serious illness, which medical practitioners told you it’s incurable, there’s the help and believe in miracles as they do happen. There are many medical miracles around, and you should remain positive about your situation.

Practice simple act of forgiveness, love, tolerance and generosity towards others. Whether you want to believe this or not, whatever you put out comes back to you, often in multiples. Think positive thought, and for this to happen, you must believe and have faith in life. The world is not out to hurt you, but there’s goodness in life and in people if you look out for it. Another important factor is rest and relaxation. This is important to ensure connection to your inner self without which total balance is impossible.

The Curative Power Of CBD Oil

How much is your health worth? You will find out that you can’t put a price on health, so practice preventive lifestyle more than anything. If something is going to help you, don’t say, it is expensive, as it will cost you more to be unwell.

CBD oil is known to work with brain receptors in balancing the body system. It is known that it is the disharmony in the body system that causes illness. I highly recommend you try CBD oil in your quest for wellness. This is from the non-GMO hemp plant, one of natural abundance for our total wellness. You can order now directly here.

Cannabis oil & Parkinson’s

A study conducted by one professor Laszio Mechtier of Dent Neurologic Insititute in the USA found that cannabis oil helps elderly people with neurological conditions including Parkinson diseases and multiple sclerosis, as well as pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Read more about the curative power of CBD OIL here.

The Lost Way To Spiritual Freedom

Years ago in the early days, individuals desiring Spiritual recognition, went through one kind of religious form or the other. These religious form become the way of worship, which gradually transform into Churches, Mosques, Temples and by whatever name people wants to call them.

The religious teachers then seeking adherence and faithful support of worshippers become laws unto themselves. They enact rules and regulations governing followers’ interactions in and outside the worship centres. Some of these laws were very rigid, like marrying only from their denomination, NOT BEING ABLE TO DIVORCE, & rules regarding managing your money that includes tithes and offerings. The laws were created with their (leaders) interpretation of what is right and moral in their (leaders) eyes, often taking scripts from religious books and trying to interprete them in a way they deemed right.

The Dissidents

There were therefore naturally some dissidents, who went ahead to challenge the ‘MASTERS’, with counter collaborations of course from the pros and the cons. It was at this time that Martin Luther King started his own revolution with Catholic Priests, his main contention being the Reverend Fathers prevented individuals from reading the Bible, preventing personal discernment and Spiritual development, in that these leaders’ constricted the spirit of believers through rigid thinking. This is the beginning of awareness of responsibility in mankind, where each and everyone is encouraged to think for himself/herself. Years later Doris Lessons wrote, ‘ THINK WRONGLY IF YOU PLEASE, BUT IN ALL CASES THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Today, the restriction of individual thinking ability vis a vis their service to others and their God is one of the greatest sin of religious worship centers. Many are chained to priests, pastors, churches, mosques, ideology and belief systems that are not necessarily right, but further enslave their free spirit. A good example is the 1978 mass murder/sucide of followers TV Evangelist Rev Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana.

A New Way Of Thinking

It cannot be over emphasised that a new way forward in all these, is that morals and standards are watered down so much. This is because things of the spirit have been explained by intellectual reasonings, that instead of people being drawn to God, they are further away from Him. The reasoning of the intellects unfortunately perish with the body, and therefore can never rise above to Spiritual Heights.

So the new way is mankind must be freed from the domination of the worldly matter, the intellect in particular, to the heights where mankind geninuely long for the TRUTH in humilty and sincererity. The right issue here is that each must be FREE to exercise his/her freewill for own development, not necessarily work in ties to others.

The new spiritual revolution is the longing for the whole truth of human existence in creation and the true recognition of God, which is above religion, denominations and creeds. This means in essence that individual must desire to seek, he must be willing to knock on a supposedly closed door, he must seek in all sincererity and humility, casting all dogmas and previous beliefs aside, and be opened to things of the Spirit. The good news is that ‘THOSE WHO SEEK, FINDS, AND THOSE WHO KNOCK, THE DOOR IS OPENED.

Make your health a priority in 2019

We have often heard the term, ‘health is wealth’ to which I will add, THE GREATEST WEALTH. This means, in a nutshell, we should make looking after our health the greatest priority this year. It is only logical that we should give due consideration to what we eat, and the kind of activity we undergo because without the optimum health, there’s little we can do otherwise, as everything else becomes a burden through the pain that arises from the disharmony in the body. What can we do to improve on our health, simple little things that all add up to give us the desired result?

Self Care Is A Divine Responsibility

Self-care is a Divine Responsibility because you cannot serve others from an empty vessel. So self-care is not selfishness, because if you are fine, it is a lot easier to help and support others. We are what we eat, so having optimum health should start with what we eat. We should endeavour to eat as natural as possible, organic specifically avoiding meals with additives, colourings, and those that are denatured etc. Fortunately, there’s tremendous education to help support our eating healthily, and knowledge is power, but at the same time, we should be able to separate truth from falsehood in the vast ocean of information out there. A healthy plate, for instance, should contain more vegetables than carbs, with protein. Eating healthily also is important if we suffer from one ailment or the other, to avoid what will trigger our situation. I mean someone who suffers from diabetic should watch his/her intake of carbohydrates, as not to trigger the blood sugar unnecessarily. Eating enough daily serving of leafy greens have been found to improve brain function according to a recent study.

Cultural Food

We must not forget eating according to our cultural heritage, as our body is best served like that. This is a spiritual law that our physical body matures best in the zone that is cultural to us, and if we emigrate as it is common these days, then it becomes imperative that to retain its full vigour, it must feed on the cultural foods and the radiation that it belongs to. The physical body in this is able to function in a wholesome manner that shows beauty and grace both in movement and in beauty.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables In Its Season

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in the season is most beneficial to the body. This might look ridiculous these days because of the extensive preservation where we can get all fruits and vegetables all the year-round. Nutrition in fruits and vegetables is prime in its season and declines through preservation and other methods we use to extend their longevity. This is the main reason why different fruits mature in a different season with the radiation of the sun, rain wind and moon needed for them.

Maintaining Balance

As optimum health is by maintaining balance in weight, diet, exercise, sleep. emotion and motion (activity). We all know what each means so there’s no need to elaborate at length, however, it is important to be in the right weight for the body. Excess weight puts pressure on organs’ function to the detriment of our health. We can maintain optimum weight by ensuring we weigh ourselves weekly, preferably first thing upon awake, the first day of the week (Sunday). I said weekly because it is then easier to monitor one’s weight and ensure it does not fluctuate excessively. Maintaining stable weight keeps one sugar level also stable, which is good for brain function as well.


which includes drinks, should include more fibre than any other. Drinks should be essentially pure water, with occasional alcohol consumption. Contrary to what some might think, consuming alcohol is not bad in itself, but overindulgence that leads to alcoholism is condemned. Excess alcohol in the system disturbs the function of the liver and can affect the filtration of the kidney to get rid of waste. Eating the right amount of fibre mostly in grains and vegetable helps GUT HEALTH. The intestine, including the large intestine, is 32 feet long, and it ensures free flow and absorption of nutrients, which cannot happen if we clog the intestine with foods that do not help it. A balanced diet should also include a minimal amount of animal protein in meat, poultry and kinds of seafood, with an apology to those who believe in veganism.

The Value Of Exercise

cannot be overstated. Regular gentle exercise is good for the body, ensuring a free flow of blood that carry nutrients throughout the body. As regular gentle exercise ensures there’s no sedentary life of muscles and joints, so is rigorous one is bad and excessive for the body. Here again, there is a need to be balanced. The type of exercise is relevant to the body mass index of individuals concerned, in relation to heart health as well. In exercises, there’s no ONE SIZE FIT ALL, and one’s health professional must be involved in planning this out.

Sleep And Emotion

Adequate sleep is essential to wholesome health, especially brain function, as cells renewal and repair in the body are carried out during sleep. There should not be more than 8 hours of sleep as this can lead to malaise and lethargy, even so, less than 8 hours is considered inadequate for the production of serotonin. There’s a link between the level of serotonin in the body and depression, that is the main reason serotonin is important for brain function. The sleeping position is also important for restful sleep.

Adequate sleep and emotion are closely linked. As we stated above, without enough sleep, one can get depressed easily as the level of serotonin decreases in the body, giving rise to anxiety, fear and apathy, loss of enthusiasm. This can also lead to loss of interest in self (self-neglect) and or in life, the main cause of depression. There are many sleep help, the latest technology is the CBD based product in Spray by CTFO.

A 2018 study has indicated that lack of adequate sleep could make us vulnerable to ALZHEIMER’S according to Professor Charles Nunn of Duke University in North Carolina.

The Principle Of Rest

It is essential to have a time to really rest and fully relaxed, as rest and relaxation is very important for both our mental and physical health. Studies over the years have proved that regular rest and relaxation actually make us more productive and healthy. It does sharpen the mind to take in more information, thereby making us more productive.

The rest and relaxation must be completely wholesome, which means a total disconnection from all that distracts us or take our minds off the restful plane. A restful plane is where one remains in total silence and in serenity, (there could be a form of classical music in the background), although the main purpose is to create a mental attitude of peace and quiet in personal reflection.

Some may ask where do we create this restful plane? The answer will depend on individual concerned. I know some who journey to some retreat areas to have the rest and relaxation, others simply take a walk in natural environment like parks, lakes or mountain tops, yet some simply switch off in their home environment, and put out ‘ A DO NOT DISTURB MODE’.

Wherever you want to have your regular rest and reaxtion, it is important to completely switch off your mind to moment of sober and inner reflection to be able to listen and hear ‘THE STILL SMALL VOICE WITHIN.’

Free Your Mind

Freeing your mind is a conscious effort to get less attached to things that can creep in and rob us of total serenity, like too much phone usage and un-neccesary chats, watching un-eventful program on YouTube ot TV, infact it is a kind of digital detox. Have a no-phone, no-TV time.

Reschedule Your Programs

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by too many programs, all crammed to make your days hectic. Do not allow this to happen. Take a critical look at your programs to see if there’s any you can reschedule to create a ‘ME’ time for yourself.

Exercise And High Blood Pressure

Regular exercise can be just as effective in lowering high blood pressure as prescribed drugs, says scientific study. British researchers combined analysis from hundreds of previous studies and found exercise just as potent – but warned patients not to ditch their prescriptions until further studies are carried out.

The study pooled data from 194 clinical trials on the impact of drugs in lowering systolic blood pressure, the top number in blood pressure reading and 197 trials looking at the impact of exercise . It involved a total of 40,000 people.

Researchers used the data to compare all types of excercise with all blood pressure drugs, different exercise with different drugs and varying intensities of excercise and drug doses. The analysis was repeated for data involving patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Lead author D Huseyin Naci of the London School of Economics said, ‘We don’t think on the basis of our study, patients should stop taking their medications. But we hope our findings will inform evidence based discussions between clinicians and patients.

He said there has not been specific trials comparing excercise with drugs. The number of adults in England prescribed drugs to lower blood pressure went up by 50% in the last ten years.

Top 7 Life Lessons From Centenarians

If you are privileged enough to observe the life pattern of centenarians, a life of contentment emerges, and these are lessons we can emulate:

Happiness comes from what we do

Have you noticed how these people don’t sit down and smile about their wealth, rather they reminiscence about life experiences? This means happy memories can go a long way towards contentment in later life.  Another centenarian said, ‘all he would do now is to be helping and keep going on, while another said she had many beautiful memories, and got to do everything I wanted to do. This indicates we enjoy life more by the memories we create rather than in our possession.

Be ready to give & receive.

Happiness comes from living in the now.

Age is only a number. You live day to day, and keep going said a lady with a very long past, but still able to enjoy life. The past is past, and we can’t change it, but we can rob ourselves of  present happiness and good emotional health by hanging on to old grudges, pain and refusing to forgive.

Maintaining a positive attitude

Centenarians tend to remember life through rose tinted glasses, making it sound like an adventure, even though most have gone through two world wars. They are not chasing anyhting, just satisfied. Deciding to live a life of contentment and satisfaction has a tremendous impact on our mental and physical health.

Maintain an opimist attitude

Relationship is critical to long life

Human beings are social animals, and so connecting with families, friends, colleagues and neighbours positively impact on our physical and mental well being. The problem of today is that people give up on others easily, refusing to forgive, and hold on to uncessary grudges and pain, the end is that life becomes unworthy, and unhappiness ensues.

Choose to live a life of friendliness, giving and receiving and support from others, offer and receive listening ear, and be involved in community activities. All these add up to our positive and mental health.

Eat Healthily

means natural, wholesome foods, as organic as you can get. The problem here most of us are rather too busy to prepare our meals from scratch, but rather buying ready meals from supermarkets or take aways. Preparing our foods ensure we know what goes inside, not denatured foods full of additives and contanminants.

Learn Acceptance

Try to accept your fate and struggles and not fight it. Fighting instead of acceptance destabilizes the mind, giving us further stress and depression. In life, it is not possible to completely remove stress, but instead learn to accepting and managing it help fight depression and anxiety.

Be curious

and open to learning what is going on around you increases your adaptability and acceptance. Learn new hobbies and skill, and be active.

Fighting Obesity

Obesity is number one route to many serious ailment battling soceity today. I was shocked when I saw the United Kingdom NHS statistics that ‘ OBESITY HAS KILLED MORE PEOPLE THAN CANCER, ALCOHOL, DRUG & TOBACCO COMBINED’ If United Kingdom can have a gruesome statistics, definitely America will be much more worse.

Good News
The good news about fighting obesity is that IT IS PREVENTABLE, and I said to myself, ‘what the heck is going on here, obesity is preventable, and then why are we not doing something about it?’

Salad bar – Healthy Eating habit.

NHS United Kingdom Statistics
If we look at 2018 year figure, published in April 2018, there’s 26% increase in adult obesity, while 20% of children are classified as obese. These two group continue to eat more everyday. Read the report here:

Slim Chance Of Being Fat But Fit

The idea that people can be ”fat but fit” – overweight, but not at risk of heart disease, is false, a major study finds. Heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure are more likely with a body mass index beyond 22 to 23 kg/m2. Over 25 is considered overweight. Any public misconception of a protective effect of fat on heart and stroke risks should be challenged, says Dr Stamatina Iliodromiti, from Glasgow University, who led the study of 300,000 people.

I reckon if people know about Spiritual & Natural laws of living, which include among others that it is their responsibility to ensure harmony between the body and the Spirit to combat the effect of illness, then they will be more careful in what they eat. The desire to help any individual is the reason for this website. I wanted more than ever to do something about it.

Eating Your Way To Health In 2019

Whole foods have become a buzzword in recent years among healthy eating enthusiasts. It means foods that are unprocessed, the way they are found in nature. Incorporating more whole foods into your diet is an excellent way to boost your dietary intake, support your  immune system and control your weight.

Fruits & vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the most nutritionally dense foods you can get. Eating plenty of them can help prevent all kinds of diseases and degenerative conditions. They are rich in anti-oxidants that reduce your risk of heart disease, and they contain lots of fiber to keep you feeling full, and your bowels healthy.

Potatoes, especially when eaten with their skin are rich sources of potassium, which is good for the bones, the muscle and the brain. If you prefer brown rice, that’s fine too as it is a good source of important nutrients including B vitamins, manganese & iron.


Nuts are whole foods too. They are excellent sources of protein, immune boosting minerals like zinc and healthy fats. Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids which are often deficient in the Western diet but are great for the brain. Nuts are quite high in calories though, so a small handful is enough in one sitting.


Modest amount of protein rich foods are essential for human body to function properly. They are good for the muscle, build tissues, and are rich in essential minerals that optimise the immune system. Sources of vegetable protein include nuts, beans, pulses, which also is a great source of folate molybdenum, fibre and the mood enhancing amino acid, tryptophan.

White meats are usually considered to be healthiest source of animal protein, although in the West, some nutritionists believe we eat too much meat.

Conscious Living

Living consciously is rather explained than defined, as it pervades every aspect of one’s life. It involves the choices one has to make daily, regards virtually every minute to the minute second. Each time we are faced with choices, as simple as what to eat, what to wear, when and where to sleep, (assuming we are not in our usual home),  the TV program to watch, indeed one has to decide on every issue of living.

If we are to practice conscious living, we want to ensure that our choices align with the greater good, not only for ourselves but for others as well.  A good example of conscious living is NOT just eating anything to fill up our tummy when hungry. We want to ensure we eat healthily, a balanced and healthy meal, and not to over-eat to cause us un-necessary discomfort, weight gain and probably illness eventually. (Obesity related illness kill more than drug, alcohol and tobacco combined, a report by NHS UK – shocking eh?).

Cause & Effect Philosophy

Conscious living is down to earth understanding of cause and effect philosophy. Whatever one sows, one reaps, and as one reaps bushel (a full basket in harvesting), from small seeds sown, so is the effect, if not in ripples of the choices we make everyday. The effect of our choices will always come back to us, good or bad, we cannot escape it. And one has to take responsibility for all choices. How frightening!!!!!!

Decision within minutes – how feasible is that?

Now We Know, So What?

Now that we are aware that we cannot escape the effect of our choices coming back to us , I will say in thousands, what do we do then? Very simply indeed – and that is – LIVE CONSCIOUSLY WITH THE RESULT IN MIND. Live by making the right choices that compliment rather than destroy us. The failure of an average man is dealing with the result, not the causes. An average man is pre-occupied with materialism, and what only benefits him, selfish and uncaring attitude towards others. The result is the chaos we see today, in the individual man, in a nation, and indeed in the world as a whole.

Spiritual Consciousness does, however, have access to levels of power and authority which , properly used, are superior to and can overcome the limitations of the physical world.

You Are Free To Decide

But one is tied up to the result of one’s choice, for a very long time until the ripple effect of the choice run its course. That is the purpose of the website, to coach individuals in the effect of THE FREE WILL, so that we can all make informed choices that will help us live a more fulfilling and happy life. Enjoy the ride.

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