Make your health a priority in 2019

We have often heard the term, ‘health is wealth’ to which I will add, THE GREATEST WEALTH. This means, in a nutshell, we should make looking after our health the greatest priority this year. It is only logical that we should give due consideration to what we eat, and the kind of activity we undergo because without the optimum health, there’s little we can do otherwise, as everything else becomes a burden through the pain that arises from the disharmony in the body. What can we do to improve on our health, simple little things that all add up to give us the desired result?

Self Care Is A Divine Responsibility

Self-care is a Divine Responsibility because you cannot serve others from an empty vessel. So self-care is not selfishness, because if you are fine, it is a lot easier to help and support others. We are what we eat, so having optimum health should start with what we eat. We should endeavour to eat as natural as possible, organic specifically avoiding meals with additives, colourings, and those that are denatured etc. Fortunately, there’s tremendous education to help support our eating healthily, and knowledge is power, but at the same time, we should be able to separate truth from falsehood in the vast ocean of information out there. A healthy plate, for instance, should contain more vegetables than carbs, with protein. Eating healthily also is important if we suffer from one ailment or the other, to avoid what will trigger our situation. I mean someone who suffers from diabetic should watch his/her intake of carbohydrates, as not to trigger the blood sugar unnecessarily. Eating enough daily serving of leafy greens have been found to improve brain function according to a recent study.

Cultural Food

We must not forget eating according to our cultural heritage, as our body is best served like that. This is a spiritual law that our physical body matures best in the zone that is cultural to us, and if we emigrate as it is common these days, then it becomes imperative that to retain its full vigour, it must feed on the cultural foods and the radiation that it belongs to. The physical body in this is able to function in a wholesome manner that shows beauty and grace both in movement and in beauty.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables In Its Season

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in the season is most beneficial to the body. This might look ridiculous these days because of the extensive preservation where we can get all fruits and vegetables all the year-round. Nutrition in fruits and vegetables is prime in its season and declines through preservation and other methods we use to extend their longevity. This is the main reason why different fruits mature in a different season with the radiation of the sun, rain wind and moon needed for them.

Maintaining Balance

As optimum health is by maintaining balance in weight, diet, exercise, sleep. emotion and motion (activity). We all know what each means so there’s no need to elaborate at length, however, it is important to be in the right weight for the body. Excess weight puts pressure on organs’ function to the detriment of our health. We can maintain optimum weight by ensuring we weigh ourselves weekly, preferably first thing upon awake, the first day of the week (Sunday). I said weekly because it is then easier to monitor one’s weight and ensure it does not fluctuate excessively. Maintaining stable weight keeps one sugar level also stable, which is good for brain function as well.


which includes drinks, should include more fibre than any other. Drinks should be essentially pure water, with occasional alcohol consumption. Contrary to what some might think, consuming alcohol is not bad in itself, but overindulgence that leads to alcoholism is condemned. Excess alcohol in the system disturbs the function of the liver and can affect the filtration of the kidney to get rid of waste. Eating the right amount of fibre mostly in grains and vegetable helps GUT HEALTH. The intestine, including the large intestine, is 32 feet long, and it ensures free flow and absorption of nutrients, which cannot happen if we clog the intestine with foods that do not help it. A balanced diet should also include a minimal amount of animal protein in meat, poultry and kinds of seafood, with an apology to those who believe in veganism.

The Value Of Exercise

cannot be overstated. Regular gentle exercise is good for the body, ensuring a free flow of blood that carry nutrients throughout the body. As regular gentle exercise ensures there’s no sedentary life of muscles and joints, so is rigorous one is bad and excessive for the body. Here again, there is a need to be balanced. The type of exercise is relevant to the body mass index of individuals concerned, in relation to heart health as well. In exercises, there’s no ONE SIZE FIT ALL, and one’s health professional must be involved in planning this out.

Sleep And Emotion

Adequate sleep is essential to wholesome health, especially brain function, as cells renewal and repair in the body are carried out during sleep. There should not be more than 8 hours of sleep as this can lead to malaise and lethargy, even so, less than 8 hours is considered inadequate for the production of serotonin. There’s a link between the level of serotonin in the body and depression, that is the main reason serotonin is important for brain function. The sleeping position is also important for restful sleep.

Adequate sleep and emotion are closely linked. As we stated above, without enough sleep, one can get depressed easily as the level of serotonin decreases in the body, giving rise to anxiety, fear and apathy, loss of enthusiasm. This can also lead to loss of interest in self (self-neglect) and or in life, the main cause of depression. There are many sleep help, the latest technology is the CBD based product in Spray by CTFO.

A 2018 study has indicated that lack of adequate sleep could make us vulnerable to ALZHEIMER’S according to Professor Charles Nunn of Duke University in North Carolina.

3 thoughts on “Make your health a priority in 2019

  1. suzanne

    Thank you, Lanu, for this wonderful post!
    We all need to take care of ourselves, more than ever these days. There is so much available that just isn’t healthy. It may be quick or cheap, but only hurts our bodies in the long run.
    I’ve recently tipped over the line for diabetes, lol. So being careful is even more important now. It runs in the family, and I’ve been able to avoid it for many years now, but it finally caught up with me.
    I hope this article inspires many people to start taking care of their bodies.

    1. Lanu Pitan Post author

      Thank you Suzanne, you are right, there are many junk foods out there that we should not be putting into our mouth. As with all things these days, you can manage your diabetes with so much information out there, even with your family history of the illness. So I encourage you to go out and work on it. Remember most things are achievable if only we work hard on it. I wish you the best of health.

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