Is conventional medicine worth it?

There’s a great need to ask this question because conventional medicine through prescription drugs, constitute the major treatment in scientific medicine. Also, prescription drugs which are mainly chemical based promise much more than they deliver, and apart from not working, the worse is the huge incalculable side effect, some which could be fatal. Get your PDF Report titled DEATH BY MEDICINE here

Dr Edward Bach has indicated in his book Heal Thyself that the main reason for the failure of conventional medicine is that it is dealing with results, not causes.

Natural Medicine Under Siege

Natural and holistic medicine is under a fiery flame, if not fire by the big pharma, as pharmaceutical lobbyists urge lawmakers to deprive people the benefits of dietary supplements. Drug companies front groups to deny the curative effects of holistic medications and have launched a slanderous media campaign to discredit the value of healthy lifestyles over prescription drugs.

The Nutritional Institute Of America

The Nutritional Institute of America, (NIA) is a non-profit organisation that has sponsored independent research for over thirty years, to support its claim that conventional medicine is America number one killer. It documented its major research in a report titled ‘DEATH BY MEDICINE’. According to NIA, conventional medicine has little interest in the PREVENTIVE aspect of wellness, which will eventually do minimal harm in the long run. And has not taken cognisance of :

  • Stress – and how it impacts on the immune system to balance the body system in warding off diseases.
  • Excessive calorie intake – the number one cause of obesity. In the UK, a study indicated that obesity-related illness has killed more than tobacco, alcohol and drug-related illness.
  • Eating highly processed, overcooked & denatured foods.

Farming in denatured and chemically damaged soil.

Insufficient Exercise – living a sedentary lifestyle.

Exposure to environmental toxins – in modern day living.

The Real Culprit

NIA found out that almost a million Americans die each year due to conventional medication or treatment, giving revenue of $648 billion to pharmaceutical companies.

Unnecessary Medical Procedure

You would wonder why medical practitioners delight in unnecessary medical procedures. Any invasive and unnecessary procedures represent people who are thrust into a dangerous health care system. The NIA analysis gave the number to be 16.4 million and the report indicated that simply entering hospital could result in the following:

in 16.4 million – a 2.1% chance (affecting 186,000) of serious adverse drug reaction.

In 16.4 million, a 5 – 6% chance (affecting 489,800) of acquiring the nosocomial infection.

In 16.4 million, a 4 – 36% chance (affecting 1.78 million) of having the iatrogenic injury, (medical error and adverse drug reaction).

In 16.4 million, a 17% chance (affecting 1.3million) of procedural error.

Commercialising Scientific Research


Similarly, Dr Mercia Angol. a former editor of the New England Journal Of Medicine, expressed her dismay in her outgoing speech titled, IS ACADEMIC MEDICINE FOR SALE?’ She mentioned the growing conflict are tainting science and called for the stronger restriction on pharmaceutical stock ownership and other financial incentives for research.

ABC News Report

According to the ABC News Report, pharmaceutical companies spent over $2 billion a year on over 314,000 events attended by doctors.

The report also found that when a drug company funds a study, there’s a 90% chance that the drug will be perceived as effective, whereas if a non-drug company funded a study, it will only show about 50% favourable result. In effect, money can buy any desired scientific research.

Cynthia Crossen, a staff of Wall Street Journal published ‘TAINTED TRUTH’ that the big pharma gave $292 million to colleges and universities for research in 1981, ten years later, this figure has risen to $2 billion.

What you can do to protect yourself

Luckily we are now in the information age, so make sure you do personal and thorough research into your situation. Seek first to treat your condition with natural holistic remedies. Liaise with the medical profession, and ask if there’s alternative therapy that can help your condition, as you would prefer that to conventional medication. Some doctors are straightforward and can offer you alternative therapy, otherwise, do the investigation yourself. There has been a report of how a 67 years old treat blood cancer with high dose turmeric tablet.

3D Fermented Organic Tumeric
3D Fermented Organic Tumeric

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Looking after yourself is a Divine Responsibility

Contrary to whatever anyone might think, it is the Will of THE ALMIGHTY that all should be in good health. And whoever finds disharmony in himself/herself, which result largely in illness, there are herbs, fruits and vegetables in hundreds to help out. However, it is the duty of each and every one to ensure optimal health, that taking due care of what he/she eats, thinks, and drink.

Eat healthily, preferably organic. Some may say, organic is expensive, but you cannot place a price on your health, good health is the greatest wealth.

Your Mind, An Important Factor In Your Wellness

Take due care of what goes on in your mind. I say this because extensive research indicates that the mind is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body, shows the onset and the course of disease much more definitely than the body.

What are your decisions like. Are you making a decision that is selfish and self-centred without thinking about the impact on others? Think again, and change your ways, everything in the universe is interconnected. You receive what you put out.

Make good choices always.

The greed and materialism of modern-day wanting unnecessary luxurious lifestyle, has contributed largely to illness ravaging around. People thinking that having adequate sleep is a waste of time, they rather are awake making money. Yet not having adequate sleep with its attendance stress is deliberating to the entire body system, in which the brain will be deprived of its balancing system to nourish the body.

Banish Fear

You need to learn to banish fear in your life, especially fear of tomorrow. Simply trusting in the goodness of life and people is enough to banish your fear. Consider the reason for your fear, if you are able to help the situation, there’s really no need to fear, and if you are not able, you trust that you will be helped. Fear is another killer of good health, and even you are diagnosed with any serious illness, which medical practitioners told you it’s incurable, there’s the help and believe in miracles as they do happen. There are many medical miracles around, and you should remain positive about your situation.

Practice simple act of forgiveness, love, tolerance and generosity towards others. Whether you want to believe this or not, whatever you put out comes back to you, often in multiples. Think positive thought, and for this to happen, you must believe and have faith in life. The world is not out to hurt you, but there’s goodness in life and in people if you look out for it. Another important factor is rest and relaxation. This is important to ensure connection to your inner self without which total balance is impossible.

The Curative Power Of CBD Oil

How much is your health worth? You will find out that you can’t put a price on health, so practice preventive lifestyle more than anything. If something is going to help you, don’t say, it is expensive, as it will cost you more to be unwell.

CBD oil is known to work with brain receptors in balancing the body system. It is known that it is the disharmony in the body system that causes illness. I highly recommend you try CBD oil in your quest for wellness. This is from the non-GMO hemp plant, one of natural abundance for our total wellness. You can order now directly here.

Cannabis oil & Parkinson’s

A study conducted by one professor Laszio Mechtier of Dent Neurologic Insititute in the USA found that cannabis oil helps elderly people with neurological conditions including Parkinson diseases and multiple sclerosis, as well as pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Read more about the curative power of CBD OIL here.

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    Hi Lanu,

    It is a well-written articles. You provide a lot of facts to show that the big pharma is not really help their patients, but spend time to create so-called shareholder value, that is making money for themselves in a as highest extent as possible. In most case, the cheap herb products like CBD may be good and effective enough to cure the underline illness. Instead using the cheap and effective remedy, they always promote the expensive drugs, which may have more side effects.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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