About Me

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and have worked as one for years, reaching the peak of my career as Group Head, Finance of a publicly quoted Insurance Company. I went into Digital Marketing when I realized the future is online, and this will give me an opportunity to fulfill my life long desire of dialogue with any interested person, the importance of Spiritual and Natural Laws.  Understanding these laws is necessary and essential for one’s happiness at all times, even now in the midst of the present chaos.

Understanding Spiritual and Natural laws, and obeying the command of the spirit, our real self, which we learn through listening to the still small voice within is all that matters for the guardian we need to lead a fulfilling and happy life.

I am interested in Spirituality and Health and devoted my life to studying the connection. I found THE CREATOR has expressed HIS WILL in natural laws. We need to know for instance that eating healthily is the only way to good health, and not doing so not only send us to an early grave but give us terrible illness that makes our lives uncomfortable.

I look at the whole universe and found order in virtually everything, and that nothing is accidental. The whole universe is of order, everything in its season, time and rhythm, nothing is out of place. So when we speak of science and natural laws, these two must align if they are to represent the truth.

I enjoy healthy eating obviously, as looking after the physical body is a spiritual responsibility. I have a good appetite and love to try new dishes. I try as much as possible to stay off ready spices and seasonings, preferring to cook from scratch and make my own sauces if I need one. I love to entertain so others say I am hospitable.

I am self-employed as a blogger, and volunteer two days a week with people living with one form of mental health, brain damaged and including dementia.

Lanu Pitan


I enjoy traveling, visiting places, learning different cultures and traditions. My ambition is to visit major cities of the World, although I must confess I have been to a few.