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Spiritual Realisation

Spirituality has nothing to do with a person piousness or morality, but a belief in certain ideas. Some people interchange Spiritual Awakening with Spiritual Realisation. Whatever you want to call it, the undermentioned are paramount:

Human Being Has A Soul

Human being has a soul where the spirit lies. This Spirit in man is an area where the Divine part of God can connect to man, (if a man so wishes). This connection allows mankind to receive direction for his life path. The purpose of this connection is for man to receive direction for his life path and gain full potential on earth before returning FULLY CONSCIOUS to the abode of the spirits.

The Purpose Of Earthly Existence

We are all equal, with the capability to strive towards perfection.

The belief that the purpose of earthly existence is to develop those virtues that we lack, and learn the way of love, with further experiencing towards perfection. Because we each have different virtues to learn and experience, the Grace of The Almighty places us in the MOST SUITABLE place (country and family) that best support our learning.

An Earthly Existence

Mankind present earthly existence is one of several, (and depending on each individual) of his/her existence. However, it is but a short phase of our entire existence. Our physical bodies which we will shed (and of course disposed of) is a vehicle that is necessary to navigate the earthly life. Our real or core person, the spiritual man is what passes over to the beyond after our earthly death.

The Real Cause Of Conflict

All lessons are provided for us according to our need. As long as we follow the dictate of the spirit, there will always be harmony among our body soul and spirit. However, if this harmony is displaced or lost, either by our own will or the persuasion of others, then trouble or problems, (both physical and spiritual) will start to show its ugly head. This will definitely be challenging for us.

The harmony can be lost or displaced when we cease being human, by the greedy pursuit of earthly pleasures, not having compassion and being wicked, which will result in losing the essential connection to THE DIVINE, and of course its guardian and direction, and failure to obey the dictates of the inner spirit or the intuition. The departure or loss of the Divine connection is due to the fact that the Divine cannot, and will not have anything to do with the evil or darkness.

Unity Of The Whole

The Unity of the Whole means that we are indeed of one body, in being that whatever good or evil is being done to one, affects the whole, i. e. each and every one of us. So if we have sufficient love for others, there’s no way we can hurt them, (at least deliberately).

Strive for balance & harmony in life.

All diseases or issues that affect many of us like pride, cruelty, hate, selfishness, and greed are those that are in disagreement with the unity of the whole, and as such will hurt us.

We must acknowledge that everyone is created just like us, with the same love and care. Each has the capability for perfection that we all aspire to. Life is not cruel to any of us. It wants above all that we travel with joy and purpose in our hearts. To strive to do our part faithfully, and that we will leave the world better than we met it.

The Message

The message of the teachers of mankind is ‘TO FORSAKE ALL AND FOLLOW ME‘. We may ask what does this mean to an ordinary man? It means to obey completely, the demand of the still small voice within us. This demand is within the place we find ourselves, lowly or high up, there’s always guardian and direction. All we are expected to do is to our part dutifully and cheerfully too.

The Risk Associated With Taking Dietary Supplements

Are you one of those taking vitamins and mineral supplements on a regular basis? If yes, think again. This is because nearly all supplements come with a level of risk.

Problems identified In Supplement Industry

The growth in the supplements industry has identified adulterated and misbranded products. Some supplements contain products that are deemed illegal, and there are of course misleading claims about what it can or cannot do.

This is not surprising, because the supplement industry is worth over $40 billion with over 50,000 unique products ranging from protein powder, probiotics, antioxidants, multivitamins and herbal products. Indeed, whatever ailments there is, there are supplements for them. The growth is due to the fact that supplements are classified as foods, and are regulated with less severity than pharmaceuticals. The big pharma sees this as a loophole, and now are more producers of supplements than before.

Small lifestyle changes that lead to success is not always visible.

The Good

It is true that some diseases related-symptoms can be cured by certain supplements, a typical example is macular degeneration and skin cancer. Older people and some pregnant women can benefit from the use of appropriate supplements. Some people with certain deficiencies can make it up by taking supplements. And taking supplements, do fill in the gap for bad eating habits of some people.

The Bad

Most supplements are not tested for efficacy and safety, says Joanne Manson, Chief of Preventive Medicine at Brigham Women Hospital in Boston. There is also heavy metal contamination associated with a bad manufacturing practice. Some supplements do contain unapproved pharmaceutical products. Taking too many supplements, which many do can result in toxicity due to accumulation. High doses of vitamin A can cause bone pain or inflammation, headaches and skin problems in adults. While in pregnancy, large doses of vitamin A can cause birth defects.

Case Study – Disease Fighting Potential Of Vitamins & Antioxidants

Professor Omenn carried out government-funded research, called CARET, into the efficacy of supplements (Vitamin A & Beta Carotene) in diseases prevention and cure in 1996. He with his colleagues used about 18,000 men and women. Unfortunately, the result produced the opposite effect, in that those with these two added, had cancer risk, and the result had to be terminated early.

This only shows that the human body is NOT able to process too many supplements, and can cause toxicity in the body, that can be at the risk of cancer.

Vitamin E & Selenium

In a later study of vitamin E & Selenium, on the body, it also indicated the inability of the body to process large doses of nutrients, and can actually damage the cells of the body. It concluded that it is best to have most, if not all your nutrients from food, and taking supplements is definitely not the same.


A widespread practice of swallowing the concentrated amount of vitamin, antioxidants and other nutrients can be actually dangerous. Vitamins should not be taken together as the build-up can cause toxicity. Agreed that most water-soluble ones go out in your wee, but the fat solubles can actually cause liver damage. Taking supplements is not the same as eating healthily, which is the best way to manage one’s health.