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Control Your Sugar Level

We all know the damage sugar can do to our health, and we should seriously take control of the amount we eat daily to ensure our sugar is in place. It does not take too much really, just be smart with what you eat, and some simple lifestyle changes are all we need.

The food industry is being under fire for the amount of added sugar to cereals and ready meals, especially children’s meals, thereby damaging the tastebuds. So we as parents need to look into what we give our children, and really ‘CATCH THEM YOUNG’ when it comes to controlling sugar intake in children.

Get Tested

How do we know about our blood sugar level? It is by simply getting the necessary blood test that indicates our sugar level. Unfortunately, if we are on borderline, there are no symptoms to alert us, so we really need to take care of and request a blood test from our GP. Depending on our age, a regular blood test should be carried out within a minimum of three years interval. A regular blood test does not only determine blood sugar level, but it does also tell us the situation of the health of other vital organs in the body like heart, liver, kidney as well pancreas.

Finding out one’s blood sugar level is essential because of the possible damage to our blood vessels. If our blood sugar level is high, although we might not have reached the diabetic level, it can damage our blood vessels, making us susceptible to stroke, dementia (vascular dementia), and heart problem.

Simple, But Effective Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are all that is necessary to reverse the effect of both borderline and full-blown diabetics. Simple and careful about what we eat and drink will help cut down our weight for instance. Refined carbs like biscuits, cakes, chocolates and candy is a no-go area if we are on the borderline. Even if we are not, we should still be careful and only eat these occasionally. Then starchy foods like potatoes, white rice, and white bread can make us gain weight, and we should be careful with them.

Other Key Factors

Other important considerations to our blood sugar level are:

Truncal Obesity, i. e. storing fats around the stomach area. An average waist for a male is 40 inches and 35 inches for females. If this higher, what it means is that one stores fat in the middle area, even you are in the average weight, then one is deemed to be obese in the trunk area.

Overweight or Obese – One is overweight if one has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of greater than 25, while Obese is a BMI of greater than 30.

A family history of type 2 diabetes – anyone with a family history of diabetes seems to run in the family, such have a high risk. The good news is that this can be reversed easily by having a healthy lifestyle.

One has high blood pressure and poor cholesterol level. When a person has high cholesterol, then the heart needs more power to pump the blood, therefore creating a high blood pressure for the person.

A individual of Middle Eastern, African/Caribbean or Asian background has a higher risk of diabetic. It is believed this is due to genetic factor and of course diet.

A woman with ‘polycystic ovary syndrome, (usually associated with irregular periods etc) or those who have had very large babies.

Get help

You can contact your GP for the needed help and support, which among others will include NHS Health Check, Blood Test, and treatment resulting from the tests. You are responsible for your health.

You can also help yourself by taking Now Lifestyle’s New Body Certification Course. The course affords you to become a Certified Nutrition & Body Expert.

Become a Certified Health & lifestyle Coach.

You are then able to work for yourself as an independent Health & Lifestyle Coach. The course modules consist of Training Module, Nutrition Module, and Training Myths Module. On completion, you are invited to Texas for the practical aspect.

Water – A Healthy Lifeline

A recent study in the USA found that water again remains the best health drink to hydrate the body, and keep it in optimum function. Simple and cheap tap water is all we need surprisingly to do this. This is not a surprise for health-conscious individuals like the members of this platform. However, the manufacturers of other drinks like energy, sport and fizzy drinks want us to believe otherwise.

Humans can live for three weeks without food but only three days without water. Our body weight is 50% water which helps maintain our body temperature. Water also cleanses us as we pass out impurities in our urine, sweat and bowel movement. The brain is suspended in a fluid, the majority of which is water.

How much water do we need a day? The Institue of Foods and Nutrition recommends 91 ounces for women and 125 for men. The average daily includes water from teas (green, black and herbal/fruits), fruits and vegetables which are very high in the water as well.

Diet Drinks Increase The Risk Of Stroke

The USA study indicates that drinking even two or more diet drinks a day makes us liable to stroke or heart disease, or even early death. The risk is higher in women than men and even worse for people who are overweight. Dr Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani lead author of the study at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine conducted the study over twelve years on 80,000 women, and concluded that ‘limiting the use of diet drinks was the most prudent thing to do’.

Energy and sports drinks, on the other hand, are not controlled. They contain sugar, food dyes, artificial flavours, thickeners and stabilizers, citric acid, (mainly fruit acids), which is not kind to our enamel. Although sports drinks are fortified to provide immediate energy for activities, they nevertheless are not good for the body if consumed too much.


If our body is dehydrated, we can have muscle spasm, weakness and cramps, which can result in heat exhaustion or stroke. We will also feel tired, sometimes dizzy, confused and irritable. The best and simple way to know we are dehydrated is to look at our pee. Thick yellow and with strong smell means we are dehydrated and need to start drinking regular water to stay hydrated.

Does Water Get Bad?

Although we have a culture of putting a shelf life on bottled water. Public Health Authority told us that if properly covered, water can last up to a thousand year, and still be suitable for drinking. It is true that this sort of water can acquire the taste of the plastic or the environment placed, nevertheless the water in itself is not bad.

So let us look at storage. Water in plastic is actually porous, meaning molecules in the air can penetrate through the plastic, giving it odour and taste. So glass containers, like bottles are better for soring water, simply because of the impenetrable property of molecules and odour.

Do We Have To Boil Tap Water?

Boiling does kill most bacteria and viruses, in cases of contaminated water. Boiling does kill micro-organisms that survive along the pipes that bring the water to our homes. However boiling will not remove traces of metals, pesticides and chlorine in our water. Indeed, it will concentrate the metals, as boiling reduces the volume (some escapes via steam).

Soft Or Hard Water?

Hard water does contain a higher percentage of calcium and magnesium in the area where we find the residue of these two metals. Hard water is not bad in itself, as drinking hard water provides the body with these two minerals. The only problem is that it interferes with household cleaning agents, skin and hair. This can be problematic in that it leaves residue in appliances and pipes, making them less effective.

Water, an elixir of life – mrjn photo on Unsplash

Making hard water soft involves treating it with sodium and potassium, to reduce the effect, or eliminate the calcium and magnesium entirely. The major issue of this is that this sort of water is not good for people with high blood pressure, and some other heart problem. Although there have been other treatment of hard water that does not use sodium and potassium combination.

Rain Water

is evaporated water from the atmosphere. This evaporated water is held up in the cloud until it becomes apparent that it can no longer hold on to it, so it pours out as rain. Rainwater gathers along with it, particles of dust, fumes, microbes, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere when it is pouring. The particles of dust and bacteria will depend on the pollution in the area and varied from man-made ones like clouds of dust from the soil and atmosphere, and fumes from vehicles and machinery to natural ones like pollens and birds droppings. We cannot also rule out the fact that wind allows cross-contamination across a wider area than we can ever believe possible. Rainwater contains dissolved carbon dioxide in the air, which makes it slightly acidic. Some people ask if rainwater is drinkable.

Rainwater provides for all – Shah Shah photo on Unsplash

Is Rain Water Drinkable?

The question of whether rainwater is drinkable depends on its purity. And the purity is determined by the area you live, and the collecting container used to gather the rainwater. If you live in an area that you have regular rain, then the rainwater is likely to be purer. This is when you do not collect from the start of the rain, but allowing it to run out for a while before starting to collect. The logic here is to run out the dirtier part of the rain, to flow out first.

The first rainwater washes along with specks of dirt and debris, especially through trees or roofs. Subsequent ones are purer, so collect in a clean container and allow to stand for a while, before the filter the rest. The filtered water is suitable for drinking.

The History Of Drinking Rainwater

The Islamic book of Quran refers to rainwater as Mubarak Water, which means the water of life.

The Practice Of Self Love

Until recently self-love is seen as something selfish and self-centred, but psychologist has thrown more insight into why we all need to practice self-love. This is because it is only when we feel right and balanced ourselves are we in a position to give help and support to others. So the onus is on us to ensure that we can give more by taking care of our needs first. This need includes physical, psychological and spiritual.

Self-care is an important aspect of loving ourselves. It is the practice of deliberately taking action for our self care, and it involves emotionally trying to mitigate our mindsand thinking ability vis a vis all that happen around us.

This means our inner being is important, trying to improve daily, Having an emotionally Spiritual balance is the key here. Self-care is putting your health and happiness first.

It is important to know why this is essential. Practising kindness towards ourselves is akin to what we are taught in all emergency situations. First, put on your own oxygen mask before you are able to help your child. Look for dangers first before you rush in to help another. When we show ourselves such compassion and kindness, we are in a position to be available with more resilience and vigour to help others in the long run. Here are what we need to do to make self love viable in our life.

Differentiate Needs From Want

It is important to take complete control of our life, and the best way to do this is by differentiating needs from wants. This way we can focus on our needs by evaluating our life patterns and adjust accordingly. This includes spending time daily to focus on ourselves and ensuring there is a balance in your life. What are life’s basic needs to focus on? The most important is good nutrition. Have we heard of the term, ‘Eat your foods as medicine, otherwise you will eat your medicine as foods’ This is telling us about the importance of good nutrition for optimum health? Other basic needs are physical activities like exercise, living a sedentary life actually shortens life and deaden the activity of the joints. So regularly exercise the limbs by taking a walk, preferably in the open park because of fresher air and the serenity it affords

Shine And Radiate Within

Forgive Yourself

We all have a skeleton in our cupboards, something we have done in the past, that we now regret because of maturity and more understanding of life. So let us forgive ourselves knowing that we have done these deeds under ignorance. Moreover, we grow by learning, and making mistakes, (some of which we cannot reverse), is part of learning and growing up spiritually.

Wounds related to our identity and our sense of self takes time to heal. It is therefore important to know the reason for the pain. To complete the healing, we might need to realise the higher meaning to the pain. Laugh a lot and don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your mistakes and stupidity.

Set Your Boundaries – Live your life your own way

No one can really love you like yourself, so evaluate your friends and set boundaries. There’s nothing demoralising than being with negative people, and those who do not value life as you do. Do you move with the right kind of people who lift up your spirit, take a positive interest in achieving together etc? If not, then you need to move away from those kinds of people. What will help in setting boundaries is knowing what your values are, and setting your own goals to achieving them. Drop out of an unhealthy relationship, and do not try to please anyone.

You must realise that you cannot be everything and all to everyone, so set the boundaries. Know which relationship to nurture, and which one to get rid of.

Another issue is to ignore others’ opinion of you. All that matters is that you are doing the right thing, so whatever anyone thinks of you should then not matter.

Take the needed rest, not working every day. Have ”A ME” time to yourself, to connect with those that value you. Take time to relax. Light scented candles. Listen to classical music, reading and walking in the park are all helpful in one’s relaxation. Do you have a pet, then play with your pet often.

Give And Accept Love

Live life to the full, by giving and receiving from others. Most of us believe we ought to give and give, forgetting that where there are givers, there will be receivers. And it is healthy to embrace gifts from others as well. So be a grateful receiver of God’s blessing. Accept good gestures, appreciate those who cross your path with their radiance and blessings.

Practice gratitude by writing things you are most grateful for on a daily basis, and dwell on that each morning. Don’t take your life for granted.

Excellence is a habit – Aristole

Moderate Excercise

Know your body and what works for you, so you are unique here, and no size fits all in exercise. This needs not to be vigorous or in a gym is one reason why you need to know what works for you. Simply walking in open space or nature might be enough.

Find A Space To Connect

Without connecting to your Higher Self, life cannot get to an optimum benefit level. Connecting helps us to de-stress and enjoy life to the maximum. How do we do this? Very simple, it is by having a ‘ME TIME’ to reflect on life, nature, creation and how you fit in with them. You can reflect in silence, by listening to music, or generally meditation. Chronic stress does make us vulnerable to infection.

Electronic Detox

Have free time from TVs, phones, electronic gadgets like gaming, smart watches/smart home etc, social media etc. Studies show how today’s kids suffer from depression because of early connection to all the negative stuff on social media.

Eat Healthily

Having a balance body weight is a lifetime problem that cannot be solved by a short time easy solution. That is the reason we see most people struggle with their weight. So the more people realise this the better. This is because all weight gain is directly related to food one eats.

The way forward here is to understand your body relates to food and adjust accordingly. This is simply individual eating healthy TO STAY HEALTHY to suit your body. It involves how your body digest foods you eat, but more importantly those that you love.

However eating more plant-based foods, like fruits and vegetables are all basic to healthy living. Drink loads of water, and supplement where necessary.


Sleep can be the best medicine, a German study found that having enough sleep improves the ability of T-cells, a key part of the body’s immune system that fights infection.

Follow Up On Your Health Concern

It is important to get medical attention for all your health concern. A simple blood test which should be carried out at least once in three years can indicate a variety of health concerns.

Is conventional medicine worth it?

There’s a great need to ask this question because conventional medicine through prescription drugs, constitute the major treatment in scientific medicine. Also, prescription drugs which are mainly chemical based promise much more than they deliver, and apart from not working, the worse is the huge incalculable side effect, some which could be fatal. Get your PDF Report titled DEATH BY MEDICINE here

Dr Edward Bach has indicated in his book Heal Thyself that the main reason for the failure of conventional medicine is that it is dealing with results, not causes.

Natural Medicine Under Siege

Natural and holistic medicine is under a fiery flame, if not fire by the big pharma, as pharmaceutical lobbyists urge lawmakers to deprive people the benefits of dietary supplements. Drug companies front groups to deny the curative effects of holistic medications and have launched a slanderous media campaign to discredit the value of healthy lifestyles over prescription drugs.

The Nutritional Institute Of America

The Nutritional Institute of America, (NIA) is a non-profit organisation that has sponsored independent research for over thirty years, to support its claim that conventional medicine is America number one killer. It documented its major research in a report titled ‘DEATH BY MEDICINE’. According to NIA, conventional medicine has little interest in the PREVENTIVE aspect of wellness, which will eventually do minimal harm in the long run. And has not taken cognisance of :

  • Stress – and how it impacts on the immune system to balance the body system in warding off diseases.
  • Excessive calorie intake – the number one cause of obesity. In the UK, a study indicated that obesity-related illness has killed more than tobacco, alcohol and drug-related illness.
  • Eating highly processed, overcooked & denatured foods.

Farming in denatured and chemically damaged soil.

Insufficient Exercise – living a sedentary lifestyle.

Exposure to environmental toxins – in modern day living.

The Real Culprit

NIA found out that almost a million Americans die each year due to conventional medication or treatment, giving revenue of $648 billion to pharmaceutical companies.

Unnecessary Medical Procedure

You would wonder why medical practitioners delight in unnecessary medical procedures. Any invasive and unnecessary procedures represent people who are thrust into a dangerous health care system. The NIA analysis gave the number to be 16.4 million and the report indicated that simply entering hospital could result in the following:

in 16.4 million – a 2.1% chance (affecting 186,000) of serious adverse drug reaction.

In 16.4 million, a 5 – 6% chance (affecting 489,800) of acquiring the nosocomial infection.

In 16.4 million, a 4 – 36% chance (affecting 1.78 million) of having the iatrogenic injury, (medical error and adverse drug reaction).

In 16.4 million, a 17% chance (affecting 1.3million) of procedural error.

Commercialising Scientific Research


Similarly, Dr Mercia Angol. a former editor of the New England Journal Of Medicine, expressed her dismay in her outgoing speech titled, IS ACADEMIC MEDICINE FOR SALE?’ She mentioned the growing conflict are tainting science and called for the stronger restriction on pharmaceutical stock ownership and other financial incentives for research.

ABC News Report

According to the ABC News Report, pharmaceutical companies spent over $2 billion a year on over 314,000 events attended by doctors.

The report also found that when a drug company funds a study, there’s a 90% chance that the drug will be perceived as effective, whereas if a non-drug company funded a study, it will only show about 50% favourable result. In effect, money can buy any desired scientific research.

Cynthia Crossen, a staff of Wall Street Journal published ‘TAINTED TRUTH’ that the big pharma gave $292 million to colleges and universities for research in 1981, ten years later, this figure has risen to $2 billion.

What you can do to protect yourself

Luckily we are now in the information age, so make sure you do personal and thorough research into your situation. Seek first to treat your condition with natural holistic remedies. Liaise with the medical profession, and ask if there’s alternative therapy that can help your condition, as you would prefer that to conventional medication. Some doctors are straightforward and can offer you alternative therapy, otherwise, do the investigation yourself. There has been a report of how a 67 years old treat blood cancer with high dose turmeric tablet.

3D Fermented Organic Tumeric
3D Fermented Organic Tumeric

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Looking after yourself is a Divine Responsibility

Contrary to whatever anyone might think, it is the Will of THE ALMIGHTY that all should be in good health. And whoever finds disharmony in himself/herself, which result largely in illness, there are herbs, fruits and vegetables in hundreds to help out. However, it is the duty of each and every one to ensure optimal health, that taking due care of what he/she eats, thinks, and drink.

Eat healthily, preferably organic. Some may say, organic is expensive, but you cannot place a price on your health, good health is the greatest wealth.

Your Mind, An Important Factor In Your Wellness

Take due care of what goes on in your mind. I say this because extensive research indicates that the mind is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body, shows the onset and the course of disease much more definitely than the body.

What are your decisions like. Are you making a decision that is selfish and self-centred without thinking about the impact on others? Think again, and change your ways, everything in the universe is interconnected. You receive what you put out.

Make good choices always.

The greed and materialism of modern-day wanting unnecessary luxurious lifestyle, has contributed largely to illness ravaging around. People thinking that having adequate sleep is a waste of time, they rather are awake making money. Yet not having adequate sleep with its attendance stress is deliberating to the entire body system, in which the brain will be deprived of its balancing system to nourish the body.

Banish Fear

You need to learn to banish fear in your life, especially fear of tomorrow. Simply trusting in the goodness of life and people is enough to banish your fear. Consider the reason for your fear, if you are able to help the situation, there’s really no need to fear, and if you are not able, you trust that you will be helped. Fear is another killer of good health, and even you are diagnosed with any serious illness, which medical practitioners told you it’s incurable, there’s the help and believe in miracles as they do happen. There are many medical miracles around, and you should remain positive about your situation.

Practice simple act of forgiveness, love, tolerance and generosity towards others. Whether you want to believe this or not, whatever you put out comes back to you, often in multiples. Think positive thought, and for this to happen, you must believe and have faith in life. The world is not out to hurt you, but there’s goodness in life and in people if you look out for it. Another important factor is rest and relaxation. This is important to ensure connection to your inner self without which total balance is impossible.

The Curative Power Of CBD Oil

How much is your health worth? You will find out that you can’t put a price on health, so practice preventive lifestyle more than anything. If something is going to help you, don’t say, it is expensive, as it will cost you more to be unwell.

CBD oil is known to work with brain receptors in balancing the body system. It is known that it is the disharmony in the body system that causes illness. I highly recommend you try CBD oil in your quest for wellness. This is from the non-GMO hemp plant, one of natural abundance for our total wellness. You can order now directly here.

Cannabis oil & Parkinson’s

A study conducted by one professor Laszio Mechtier of Dent Neurologic Insititute in the USA found that cannabis oil helps elderly people with neurological conditions including Parkinson diseases and multiple sclerosis, as well as pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Read more about the curative power of CBD OIL here.

The Lost Way To Spiritual Freedom

Years ago in the early days, individuals desiring Spiritual recognition, went through one kind of religious form or the other. These religious form become the way of worship, which gradually transform into Churches, Mosques, Temples and by whatever name people wants to call them.

The religious teachers then seeking adherence and faithful support of worshippers become laws unto themselves. They enact rules and regulations governing followers’ interactions in and outside the worship centres. Some of these laws were very rigid, like marrying only from their denomination, NOT BEING ABLE TO DIVORCE, & rules regarding managing your money that includes tithes and offerings. The laws were created with their (leaders) interpretation of what is right and moral in their (leaders) eyes, often taking scripts from religious books and trying to interprete them in a way they deemed right.

The Dissidents

There were therefore naturally some dissidents, who went ahead to challenge the ‘MASTERS’, with counter collaborations of course from the pros and the cons. It was at this time that Martin Luther King started his own revolution with Catholic Priests, his main contention being the Reverend Fathers prevented individuals from reading the Bible, preventing personal discernment and Spiritual development, in that these leaders’ constricted the spirit of believers through rigid thinking. This is the beginning of awareness of responsibility in mankind, where each and everyone is encouraged to think for himself/herself. Years later Doris Lessons wrote, ‘ THINK WRONGLY IF YOU PLEASE, BUT IN ALL CASES THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Today, the restriction of individual thinking ability vis a vis their service to others and their God is one of the greatest sin of religious worship centers. Many are chained to priests, pastors, churches, mosques, ideology and belief systems that are not necessarily right, but further enslave their free spirit. A good example is the 1978 mass murder/sucide of followers TV Evangelist Rev Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana.

A New Way Of Thinking

It cannot be over emphasised that a new way forward in all these, is that morals and standards are watered down so much. This is because things of the spirit have been explained by intellectual reasonings, that instead of people being drawn to God, they are further away from Him. The reasoning of the intellects unfortunately perish with the body, and therefore can never rise above to Spiritual Heights.

So the new way is mankind must be freed from the domination of the worldly matter, the intellect in particular, to the heights where mankind geninuely long for the TRUTH in humilty and sincererity. The right issue here is that each must be FREE to exercise his/her freewill for own development, not necessarily work in ties to others.

The new spiritual revolution is the longing for the whole truth of human existence in creation and the true recognition of God, which is above religion, denominations and creeds. This means in essence that individual must desire to seek, he must be willing to knock on a supposedly closed door, he must seek in all sincererity and humility, casting all dogmas and previous beliefs aside, and be opened to things of the Spirit. The good news is that ‘THOSE WHO SEEK, FINDS, AND THOSE WHO KNOCK, THE DOOR IS OPENED.