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Exercise And High Blood Pressure

Regular exercise can be just as effective in lowering high blood pressure as prescribed drugs, says scientific study. British researchers combined analysis from hundreds of previous studies and found exercise just as potent – but warned patients not to ditch their prescriptions until further studies are carried out.

The study pooled data from 194 clinical trials on the impact of drugs in lowering systolic blood pressure, the top number in blood pressure reading and 197 trials looking at the impact of exercise . It involved a total of 40,000 people.

Researchers used the data to compare all types of excercise with all blood pressure drugs, different exercise with different drugs and varying intensities of excercise and drug doses. The analysis was repeated for data involving patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Lead author D Huseyin Naci of the London School of Economics said, ‘We don’t think on the basis of our study, patients should stop taking their medications. But we hope our findings will inform evidence based discussions between clinicians and patients.

He said there has not been specific trials comparing excercise with drugs. The number of adults in England prescribed drugs to lower blood pressure went up by 50% in the last ten years.

Top 7 Life Lessons From Centenarians

If you are privileged enough to observe the life pattern of centenarians, a life of contentment emerges, and these are lessons we can emulate:

Happiness comes from what we do

Have you noticed how these people don’t sit down and smile about their wealth, rather they reminiscence about life experiences? This means happy memories can go a long way towards contentment in later life.  Another centenarian said, ‘all he would do now is to be helping and keep going on, while another said she had many beautiful memories, and got to do everything I wanted to do. This indicates we enjoy life more by the memories we create rather than in our possession.

Be ready to give & receive.

Happiness comes from living in the now.

Age is only a number. You live day to day, and keep going said a lady with a very long past, but still able to enjoy life. The past is past, and we can’t change it, but we can rob ourselves of  present happiness and good emotional health by hanging on to old grudges, pain and refusing to forgive.

Maintaining a positive attitude

Centenarians tend to remember life through rose tinted glasses, making it sound like an adventure, even though most have gone through two world wars. They are not chasing anyhting, just satisfied. Deciding to live a life of contentment and satisfaction has a tremendous impact on our mental and physical health.

Maintain an opimist attitude

Relationship is critical to long life

Human beings are social animals, and so connecting with families, friends, colleagues and neighbours positively impact on our physical and mental well being. The problem of today is that people give up on others easily, refusing to forgive, and hold on to uncessary grudges and pain, the end is that life becomes unworthy, and unhappiness ensues.

Choose to live a life of friendliness, giving and receiving and support from others, offer and receive listening ear, and be involved in community activities. All these add up to our positive and mental health.

Eat Healthily

means natural, wholesome foods, as organic as you can get. The problem here most of us are rather too busy to prepare our meals from scratch, but rather buying ready meals from supermarkets or take aways. Preparing our foods ensure we know what goes inside, not denatured foods full of additives and contanminants.

Learn Acceptance

Try to accept your fate and struggles and not fight it. Fighting instead of acceptance destabilizes the mind, giving us further stress and depression. In life, it is not possible to completely remove stress, but instead learn to accepting and managing it help fight depression and anxiety.

Be curious

and open to learning what is going on around you increases your adaptability and acceptance. Learn new hobbies and skill, and be active.