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Conscious Living

Living consciously is rather explained than defined, as it pervades every aspect of one’s life. It involves the choices one has to make daily, regards virtually every minute to the minute second. Each time we are faced with choices, as simple as what to eat, what to wear, when and where to sleep, (assuming we are not in our usual home),  the TV program to watch, indeed one has to decide on every issue of living.

If we are to practice conscious living, we want to ensure that our choices align with the greater good, not only for ourselves but for others as well.  A good example of conscious living is NOT just eating anything to fill up our tummy when hungry. We want to ensure we eat healthily, a balanced and healthy meal, and not to over-eat to cause us un-necessary discomfort, weight gain and probably illness eventually. (Obesity related illness kill more than drug, alcohol and tobacco combined, a report by NHS UK – shocking eh?).

Cause & Effect Philosophy

Conscious living is down to earth understanding of cause and effect philosophy. Whatever one sows, one reaps, and as one reaps bushel (a full basket in harvesting), from small seeds sown, so is the effect, if not in ripples of the choices we make everyday. The effect of our choices will always come back to us, good or bad, we cannot escape it. And one has to take responsibility for all choices. How frightening!!!!!!

Decision within minutes – how feasible is that?

Now We Know, So What?

Now that we are aware that we cannot escape the effect of our choices coming back to us , I will say in thousands, what do we do then? Very simply indeed – and that is – LIVE CONSCIOUSLY WITH THE RESULT IN MIND. Live by making the right choices that compliment rather than destroy us. The failure of an average man is dealing with the result, not the causes. An average man is pre-occupied with materialism, and what only benefits him, selfish and uncaring attitude towards others. The result is the chaos we see today, in the individual man, in a nation, and indeed in the world as a whole.

Spiritual Consciousness does, however, have access to levels of power and authority which , properly used, are superior to and can overcome the limitations of the physical world.

You Are Free To Decide

But one is tied up to the result of one’s choice, for a very long time until the ripple effect of the choice run its course. That is the purpose of the website, to coach individuals in the effect of THE FREE WILL, so that we can all make informed choices that will help us live a more fulfilling and happy life. Enjoy the ride.

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