The Risk & Dangers Of Processed Foods

We are aware that food processing involves many transformations of fruits and vegetables before they arrive on our tables to make them suitable for eating. The question here is to what extent do we tolerate processing our foods?

On the home cooking, food processing is a simple chore and does not usually contain preservatives and or additives, that are usually in industrial scale food processing. The additives and preservatives are to give the foods longer shelf lives. The most common preservative is SUGAR.

Added Sugar

Most foods in the natural state contain enough sugar, vitamins and fibres. These work together in balancing the absorption and regulate the body blood sugar level. However most of these nutrients are removed during processing, and in its place, extra sugar is added as a preservative

Salad bar – Healthy Eating habit.

When we eat a medium-sized apple, for example, it will give us sugars, vitamin C, fibres and other small trace elements. However, this is not the same as drinking apple juice, processed commercially. Processed orange juice contains added sugar, with some fortified with ‘synthetic’ nutrition. The balancing photo-nutrients is usually lost in processed foods, causing a lot of weight gain. One good reason to eat more naturally at all times, especially if one is trying to lose weight or over forty years.

The Dangers Of Eating Too Much Processed Foods

Weight Gain – The more one eats processed foods, the more one gains weight (as explained above). Having a higher body weight tends to lead to higher cholesterol and triglycerides, (a type of fat in the blood). This in turns gives a higher risk of heart problems.

Fluctuating Sugar Level – Eating more naturally even out one’s blood sugar level. Foods in their natural state contain nutrients and fibres that balance out sugar absorption.

Tooth Decay – Eating too much-processed foods is bad for one’s teeth, as the sugars can cause tooth decay. So it is best to cut down on fruit juices, and less obvious ones like tomato ketchup, BBQ, sauces, salad cream & mayonnaise.

Your body is important
Your body is important

One is susceptible to obesity, and its many related illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

Protect Yourself – Check Food Label

Manufacturers do cover up the names of added sugars in process foods. Popular names being used are corn syrup, lactose, cane sugar, raw sugar, evaporated cane juice, dextrose, agave, brown rice syrup etc. So it is important to check on labels. Some lump it to gether as carbohydrates. Luckily, it is now mandatory to stipulate how much of the carbohydrates is sugar. So it important to ensure you are not eating too much than necessary.

Spiritual Realisation

Spirituality has nothing to do with a person piousness or morality, but a belief in certain ideas. Some people interchange Spiritual Awakening with Spiritual Realisation. Whatever you want to call it, the undermentioned are paramount:

Human Being Has A Soul

Human being has a soul where the spirit lies. This Spirit in man is an area where the Divine part of God can connect to man, (if a man so wishes). This connection allows mankind to receive direction for his life path. The purpose of this connection is for man to receive direction for his life path and gain full potential on earth before returning FULLY CONSCIOUS to the abode of the spirits.

The Purpose Of Earthly Existence

We are all equal, with the capability to strive towards perfection.

The belief that the purpose of earthly existence is to develop those virtues that we lack, and learn the way of love, with further experiencing towards perfection. Because we each have different virtues to learn and experience, the Grace of The Almighty places us in the MOST SUITABLE place (country and family) that best support our learning.

An Earthly Existence

Mankind present earthly existence is one of several, (and depending on each individual) of his/her existence. However, it is but a short phase of our entire existence. Our physical bodies which we will shed (and of course disposed of) is a vehicle that is necessary to navigate the earthly life. Our real or core person, the spiritual man is what passes over to the beyond after our earthly death.

The Real Cause Of Conflict

All lessons are provided for us according to our need. As long as we follow the dictate of the spirit, there will always be harmony among our body soul and spirit. However, if this harmony is displaced or lost, either by our own will or the persuasion of others, then trouble or problems, (both physical and spiritual) will start to show its ugly head. This will definitely be challenging for us.

The harmony can be lost or displaced when we cease being human, by the greedy pursuit of earthly pleasures, not having compassion and being wicked, which will result in losing the essential connection to THE DIVINE, and of course its guardian and direction, and failure to obey the dictates of the inner spirit or the intuition. The departure or loss of the Divine connection is due to the fact that the Divine cannot, and will not have anything to do with the evil or darkness.

Unity Of The Whole

The Unity of the Whole means that we are indeed of one body, in being that whatever good or evil is being done to one, affects the whole, i. e. each and every one of us. So if we have sufficient love for others, there’s no way we can hurt them, (at least deliberately).

Strive for balance & harmony in life.

All diseases or issues that affect many of us like pride, cruelty, hate, selfishness, and greed are those that are in disagreement with the unity of the whole, and as such will hurt us.

We must acknowledge that everyone is created just like us, with the same love and care. Each has the capability for perfection that we all aspire to. Life is not cruel to any of us. It wants above all that we travel with joy and purpose in our hearts. To strive to do our part faithfully, and that we will leave the world better than we met it.

The Message

The message of the teachers of mankind is ‘TO FORSAKE ALL AND FOLLOW ME‘. We may ask what does this mean to an ordinary man? It means to obey completely, the demand of the still small voice within us. This demand is within the place we find ourselves, lowly or high up, there’s always guardian and direction. All we are expected to do is to our part dutifully and cheerfully too.

The Risk Associated With Taking Dietary Supplements

Are you one of those taking vitamins and mineral supplements on a regular basis? If yes, think again. This is because nearly all supplements come with a level of risk.

Problems identified In Supplement Industry

The growth in the supplements industry has identified adulterated and misbranded products. Some supplements contain products that are deemed illegal, and there are of course misleading claims about what it can or cannot do.

This is not surprising, because the supplement industry is worth over $40 billion with over 50,000 unique products ranging from protein powder, probiotics, antioxidants, multivitamins and herbal products. Indeed, whatever ailments there is, there are supplements for them. The growth is due to the fact that supplements are classified as foods, and are regulated with less severity than pharmaceuticals. The big pharma sees this as a loophole, and now are more producers of supplements than before.

Small lifestyle changes that lead to success is not always visible.

The Good

It is true that some diseases related-symptoms can be cured by certain supplements, a typical example is macular degeneration and skin cancer. Older people and some pregnant women can benefit from the use of appropriate supplements. Some people with certain deficiencies can make it up by taking supplements. And taking supplements, do fill in the gap for bad eating habits of some people.

The Bad

Most supplements are not tested for efficacy and safety, says Joanne Manson, Chief of Preventive Medicine at Brigham Women Hospital in Boston. There is also heavy metal contamination associated with a bad manufacturing practice. Some supplements do contain unapproved pharmaceutical products. Taking too many supplements, which many do can result in toxicity due to accumulation. High doses of vitamin A can cause bone pain or inflammation, headaches and skin problems in adults. While in pregnancy, large doses of vitamin A can cause birth defects.

Case Study – Disease Fighting Potential Of Vitamins & Antioxidants

Professor Omenn carried out government-funded research, called CARET, into the efficacy of supplements (Vitamin A & Beta Carotene) in diseases prevention and cure in 1996. He with his colleagues used about 18,000 men and women. Unfortunately, the result produced the opposite effect, in that those with these two added, had cancer risk, and the result had to be terminated early.

This only shows that the human body is NOT able to process too many supplements, and can cause toxicity in the body, that can be at the risk of cancer.

Vitamin E & Selenium

In a later study of vitamin E & Selenium, on the body, it also indicated the inability of the body to process large doses of nutrients, and can actually damage the cells of the body. It concluded that it is best to have most, if not all your nutrients from food, and taking supplements is definitely not the same.


A widespread practice of swallowing the concentrated amount of vitamin, antioxidants and other nutrients can be actually dangerous. Vitamins should not be taken together as the build-up can cause toxicity. Agreed that most water-soluble ones go out in your wee, but the fat solubles can actually cause liver damage. Taking supplements is not the same as eating healthily, which is the best way to manage one’s health.

Spirituality & Wellness

Spirituality or Spiritual Realisation is believing in the continuity of the soul after physical death. A belief system in a Higher Being that controls our destiny in a loving way. Spirituality is NOT a religion but transcends religious beliefs and practices. Before we can narrate the correlation between Spirituality and Wellness, we need to outline the fundamental truth about what Spirituality is. Spiritual growth is hungering after God, The Almighty Father, the creator of all things.

Man Is A Spirit

The Spirit in man is indestructible and lives forever, or until an appointed time of eternal judgement, where the spirit would have determined where he is going to, i.e. eternal life or eternal damnation (death). This Spirit is but a spark of The Almighty that resides in man. Each will decide whether they will take the path to eternal damnation or to everlasting joy, for God Almighty has given them FREE choice.

The most important belief is that this Spark of the Almighty God is the guide all man needs to navigate the ocean of unknown in his sojourn on earth. The life on earth is but a school, and we do repeat many times until we reach that stage of perfection when we really do not need to come back again.

In other to quickly learn the lesson, and prevent repeated earth lives, we need to make use of our intuition, which is the Spark of God directing our path. This direction can only be in love, and not otherwise. To help us, our circumstances and environment are chosen for us, all in love. Such choices are to help us get rid of bad behaviours and cultivate selfless virtues that only treat others with love and respect, irrespective. If all work well, accordingly to what God intended for us, then all organs of our body will be in harmony with the spirit, so no illness can occur.

Why Conflict Shows It’s Ugly Head

As long as the spirit in man/woman and his/her personalities are in harmony, then it is all joy, peace, happiness and good health for man/woman. But if man/woman decides to walk his/her own way, contrary to the path laid down or dictated by his/her spirit, either by his own tendency to worldly desires, or persuasion of others, then conflict and disharmony occur. This conflict and disharmony is the cause of illness, joy and unhappiness.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

We mentioned above that as long as there is harmony, there is happiness, peace, joy and good health because this is simply the natural order of things. The Almighty Father wants us to live a life of all joy and contentment. Therefore we are placed in an Earthly condition and or situation that best serve us. No matter our earthly vocation, lowly servants or monarch, landlord or peasant, rich or poor, as long as we listen and follow our intuition, we will be able to learn the lesson and experience what is necessary for our spiritual development.

Separation Is Impossible

Every individual of us is a part of this Eternal Spirit Spark. Although we are each an individual, in his/her own right, yet we are part of a whole, and therefore no separation is possible. This is known as the UNITY OF THE WHOLE. So in fact whatever we did to the others, good or bad is done unto us, and comes back to us in a way. So indeed cruelty to others brings disharmony and leads to illness.

Why Suffering May Be Beneficial

Let me first say this, and I mean it with all sincerity, IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR A PERSON STRIVING TOWARDS THE LIGHT TO SUFFER, and neither it is God’s intention to make mankind suffer. Sorrow and affliction which plague, mankind both saints and sinners today are not part of God’s Divine plan for mankind, but rather man has exercised the free will wrongly to cause this pain. We can define suffering as a form of mental and or physical pain, but it is still personal to each individual. This is because there are people who can endure much more pain than others.

Suffering As A Form Of Priviledge

However a person may redeem some former sin by suffering, but only when he has clearly understood the reason for his suffering, and humbly accepted it as the did, for instance, the penitent thief on the cross, who begged Jesus for forgiveness, and to be remembered in eternal Kingdom.

When one clearly understands one’s suffering in this way, it allows room for spiritual growth. This means suffering is not an inevitable part of one’s growth, but in suffering, one does grow thereby. If we accept that there is a purpose for our lives, and we are not in conflict with this purpose, then, there is no need for suffering. However, if we rebel against this, and believe rather in our own opinion and selfish idea, then suffering is bound to occur. This is because spiritual life is striving towards perfection, and can involve offering ourselves by way of sacrifice, which most times is not palatable, therefore is again a part of suffering.

Anything Growing Requires Change

Everything to do with Spiritual attainment demands renunciation of one kind or another. Even if we do this willingly, it is still a form of sacrifice on our part. When we accept what comes to us, with no bitterness, then we are using our talents wisely. If we feel really bad about it, it is alright to ask for GRACE to endure and get on with it. Your spirit has the capability to deal with it, so acceptance is what your mind needs.

Give yourself what life demands of you without hitting back, or find an excuse or complain. Rather draw on the inner strength which is always available, and by so doing you will be able to serve with love and gratitude those whom you have been called upon to serve.

If a person experienced tribulation and or sorrow so severe, it can refine the soul. In that, this hardship can awaken the finer intuition enough to be sensitive to THE LIGHT. This LIGHT vibration is always present in the UNIVERSE but has not been noticed especially from people who are in pursuit of earthly pleasures. However, a long period of distress, that humbles a broken soul can awaken the vibration and allow this connection. The connection of a broken man in wanting to alleviate the suffering will wish to be closer to God. He may further this wish by prayer and willingness to do the right thing.

How to receive help

The cry for help can only be heard when man directs their thoughts and interest from mundane things, but rather with earnest and humility seek spiritual power. Whenever one’s thought and ways uphold justice and compassion, he will experience peace and joy.

One must be willing to practice this justice and compassion in all it’s undertakings, whatever they may be, whether they concern family, vocation and relationships.

How to react to suffering

First and foremost is to understand THE TRUTH in life that most tragic events in life (at large) and in our lives are only temporary, and they work according to the CREATION LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. This law operates in LOVE OF THE ALMIGHTY, in that it strives towards perfection in mankind. Our understanding of this truth will help us from being depressed by whatever we are going through and give us the courage to soldier on and scale through.

What we are saying here is to develop that individuality and free ourselves from all worldly influences, working and listening only to our intuition (the voice of the soul) for direction. In this way, we take responsibility for our actions and decision always.

Dietary Supplement Today

An increasing number of people now turn to dietary supplements to boost their health. This is good in a way if the dietary supplement being taken does good to their body. Today’s information age makes everyone aware of the need that ‘WE ARE WHAT WE EAT‘, coupled with the fact that we are living longer, and there is need now more than ever to ensure general good health, even in our old age.

Thirty Million Take Supplements

Adults on dietary supplements reach up to thirty million last year. About 45% of these on a daily basis. This makes the supplement industry to grow up to five hundred million in 2022. The sad part of these is that the majority of the dietary supplements are synthetic, which are actually dangerous to health.

Three Types Of Dietary Supplements

There are actually three types of dietary supplements. The very bottom is the synthetic ones, very basic and useless, as the body cannot actually digest them. Then next is the real food supplements, and the third more purified is the organic fermented supplements. The basis of purity is good it does to the body. The body is able to digest fermented organic food supplements better, and this way, it can help support them better. It is therefore imperative that taking dietary supplements needs your intelligence decision, otherwise you will be wasting your money while your health suffers. The only way out of this is to look out for dietary supplements with high manufacturing standards, with high nutritional gain. With this in mind, I can confidently recommend 3D FERMENTED ORGANIC TUMERIC from ‘Organixx’.

Organixx Dietary Supplements

The dietary supplements from ‘Organixx‘ are about one of the very few you can trust in the market today. Why is this? This is because the supplements are doctor formulated with the highest organic ingredients. They are very sure of what they sell, hence you get ‘ONE YEAR GUARANTEE’, that even returning the bottle empty will still entitled you to refund.

3D Organic Tumeric Supplement

Is one of the only 3D fermented organic Tumeric dietary Supplement in the world. And if you are over 35, it is probabably the very best, you can give your body, heart and immune system.

Fermented Organic Turmeric… Fermented Vitamin D3… Fermented Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom… Fermented Organic Ginger… Ashwagandha Extract… Fulvic Acid…

What this synergistic mix of powerful ingredients that are fermented using multiple unique processes means is the most advanced, most bioavailable, and by far most beneficial turmeric supplement for your body available anywhere… Turmeric 3D!

3D Fermented Organic Tumeric as compared to Amazon Best Seller

If for any reason you’re not happy with your results, simply return your (bottles OR canisters) within 1 year of the purchase date. And even if they’re completely empty – we’ll send you a FULL refund of the purchase price.

Try it now.

Get 3 inflamation fighting ingredients in one easy to swallow tablet.

What Price Can You Place On Good Health?

I agree that these dietary supplements from ORGANIXX, are expensive. This is because of the years of clinical trials, and evidenced-based medical testing, coupled with top of the range fermented products. If you do not want to buy because of the price, what price can you place on your health? Remember that HEALTH IS THE GREATEST WEALTH.

Should You Take Dietary Supplement?

This is the question most people ask. However, one’s need for dietary supplements will depend on one’s diet. If one is on a balanced diet, there’s no need for any dietary supplement. If one is deficient in any supplement, usually determined by a simple blood test, then the doctor can recommend an appropriate supplement. Generally, most of us are deficient in one or two vitamins because of modern day lifestyles of eating denatured and ready meal as a quick fix.

Usually, people with special needs diet like vegans and or vegetarian do have need of most B – vitamins, while Northern Europeans lack vitamin D from sunlight.

When is the best time to take dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements should be taken immediately after food, to help with absorption. The most effective ones are the spray ones taken under the tongue.

Do Not Look Back, Close The Cycle

There are certain situations in life that we too know and are aware that the game is up, the cycle is ending. Closing cycles or whatever name we may allude to it, ‘Ending Chapter’, ‘The End’, or ‘Shutting Doors’. Some of us are rather stubborn and want it to continue. This, unfortunately, is living in a phase that has ended one way or the other.

Know When A Phase Has Ended

We must be on a guard to know when a phase in one’s life has ended. This is because if we stubbornly cling to such a relationship, we will lose our harmony and close up the opportunity to explore what the future has in store for us. There are many examples of such closing cycles, like job ending, relationship going sour, moving from one country to another, leaving a family house etc. Indeed, the world ‘cycle’ is an emergent market creation, transformation and destruction. There could be many variations of them.

Put Your Intuition To Work

You can keep wondering the reason for closure, or you can go into your closet, and tune into your inner self to show the direction. How do we treat the unexpected, trying to figure it out? I want to tell you today that we don’t always have to have an answer, nor do you always have to understand, especially if it doesn’t make sense. Leave it alone, otherwise, you just get frustrated, bitter and confused.

Wanting to know the reason might not all be positive. We can be stressed in the process and create a standstill, not understanding what is going on, yet unable to embrace the future. We do not need to clog our hearts with bad memories, rather we need to release them, detach yourself so to speak, and let them off because, in life, we sometimes lose, but the most important is NOT to lose the lesson.

Don’t build on a false hope of reconciliation

A Measure Of Affection

Spiritual life and love include a measure of our affection without the need for reciprocity. We create disharmony in our life by refusing to accept a relationship that has broken down or decisions that are awaiting an ideal moment. So stop tunning in an emotional TV of the past, and watching over and over again, reminiscing how much you gave or how much you suffered. All these poison the soul. We should not expect appreciation in whatever we determine to give out.

New dawn can only open up for us if a chapter closes. We need to realise that our involvement with that person or thing is only a habit that will soon wear out. Remember nothing is irreplaceable. Things do pass on, and the best thing we can do is to let them. One way we can help ourselves is to give away items that may bring such uneventful memory back, e.g. souvenirs, albums and other material things. This means we need to de-clutter our hearts and all items that are attached to the bad memory.

Close the cycle, not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance on your part, but because it is no longer useful or serves its purpose in your life. Shut the door, wipe the slate clean and shake off the dust. Let us move into that wonderful person we are meant to be. The future is full of all possibilities if we let it.

A Desire For Vengeance

The desire for vengeance is part of man, but we must realise that there are reward and punishment in God’s order of things. He wants us to leave revenge to him, but to work towards conquering evil by good works, even to those who harm us.

Leave the past behind

We should realise that there’s no enemy for us, they are all our teachers, teaching us to overcome vengeance and prevent the evil of bitterness from overtaking us. Whatever we are today is a result of our choices in the past. Take responsibility for those mistakes of the past that brought about the hardship. Learn from them and move on. Let go of the mistake, but don’t lose the lesson, and be careful of your subsequent choices.

We have to believe everything will be fine and need to move on. Without taking this bold positive step and action, it’s going to be a long day of loneliness and desperation. Sometimes we know exactly what to do but scared to take action, by being in denial. Let us remember that we live our lives before the person or things come into our lives, and not build on the false hope of reconciliation.

We also need to be careful in what we expect from others, those we meet along our life’s journey. It is best NOT to expect anything from others by allowing them their freedom to choose what they want to do with our friendship, but rather offer a hand of friendship, lift them up in a time of their need and difficulty. All whom we meet or are connected with during our journey is a fellow traveller, making this great spiritual earth-life journey, towards perfection.

Avoiding Regret

If we know the truth of our earth life, then we know that we must avoid regret at all cost throughout this journey. Why? Because no great change, especially spiritual change and development is ever made without some challenges, i.e. falls and faults. These are the actual experiences that empower us more for our future challenges, allowing us to overcome easily next time.

We must press forward onwards and forwards, never regerting and never looking back, for the past of even an hour is behind us, and the glorious future with its blazing light is ever before us. Fear has no place in this, we must work to remove fear from the mind.

Cycles In Creation

There are examples of cycles in creation. Light and darkness, where light is essential to appreciate the darkness. In the commercial market, we appreciate the high and the low of stock and commodity markets, the crash and the emergence of corporate giants.

In life, cycles involve winning and losing, strength and weakness, birth and death, seedtime and harvest.

The rising and setting of the sun, the seasonal changes in nature, i.e. winter, summer, autumn and spring, all rising and ending according to eternal law in creation.

Control Your Sugar Level

We all know the damage sugar can do to our health, and we should seriously take control of the amount we eat daily to ensure our sugar is in place. It does not take too much really, just be smart with what you eat, and some simple lifestyle changes are all we need.

The food industry is being under fire for the amount of added sugar to cereals and ready meals, especially children’s meals, thereby damaging the tastebuds. So we as parents need to look into what we give our children, and really ‘CATCH THEM YOUNG’ when it comes to controlling sugar intake in children.

Get Tested

How do we know about our blood sugar level? It is by simply getting the necessary blood test that indicates our sugar level. Unfortunately, if we are on borderline, there are no symptoms to alert us, so we really need to take care of and request a blood test from our GP. Depending on our age, a regular blood test should be carried out within a minimum of three years interval. A regular blood test does not only determine blood sugar level, but it does also tell us the situation of the health of other vital organs in the body like heart, liver, kidney as well pancreas.

Finding out one’s blood sugar level is essential because of the possible damage to our blood vessels. If our blood sugar level is high, although we might not have reached the diabetic level, it can damage our blood vessels, making us susceptible to stroke, dementia (vascular dementia), and heart problem.

Simple, But Effective Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are all that is necessary to reverse the effect of both borderline and full-blown diabetics. Simple and careful about what we eat and drink will help cut down our weight for instance. Refined carbs like biscuits, cakes, chocolates and candy is a no-go area if we are on the borderline. Even if we are not, we should still be careful and only eat these occasionally. Then starchy foods like potatoes, white rice, and white bread can make us gain weight, and we should be careful with them.

Other Key Factors

Other important considerations to our blood sugar level are:

Truncal Obesity, i. e. storing fats around the stomach area. An average waist for a male is 40 inches and 35 inches for females. If this higher, what it means is that one stores fat in the middle area, even you are in the average weight, then one is deemed to be obese in the trunk area.

Overweight or Obese – One is overweight if one has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of greater than 25, while Obese is a BMI of greater than 30.

A family history of type 2 diabetes – anyone with a family history of diabetes seems to run in the family, such have a high risk. The good news is that this can be reversed easily by having a healthy lifestyle.

One has high blood pressure and poor cholesterol level. When a person has high cholesterol, then the heart needs more power to pump the blood, therefore creating a high blood pressure for the person.

A individual of Middle Eastern, African/Caribbean or Asian background has a higher risk of diabetic. It is believed this is due to genetic factor and of course diet.

A woman with ‘polycystic ovary syndrome, (usually associated with irregular periods etc) or those who have had very large babies.

Get help

You can contact your GP for the needed help and support, which among others will include NHS Health Check, Blood Test, and treatment resulting from the tests. You are responsible for your health.

You can also help yourself by taking Now Lifestyle’s New Body Certification Course. The course affords you to become a Certified Nutrition & Body Expert.

Become a Certified Health & lifestyle Coach.

You are then able to work for yourself as an independent Health & Lifestyle Coach. The course modules consist of Training Module, Nutrition Module, and Training Myths Module. On completion, you are invited to Texas for the practical aspect.

Water – A Healthy Lifeline

A recent study in the USA found that water again remains the best health drink to hydrate the body, and keep it in optimum function. Simple and cheap tap water is all we need surprisingly to do this. This is not a surprise for health-conscious individuals like the members of this platform. However, the manufacturers of other drinks like energy, sport and fizzy drinks want us to believe otherwise.

Humans can live for three weeks without food but only three days without water. Our body weight is 50% water which helps maintain our body temperature. Water also cleanses us as we pass out impurities in our urine, sweat and bowel movement. The brain is suspended in a fluid, the majority of which is water.

How much water do we need a day? The Institue of Foods and Nutrition recommends 91 ounces for women and 125 for men. The average daily includes water from teas (green, black and herbal/fruits), fruits and vegetables which are very high in the water as well.

Diet Drinks Increase The Risk Of Stroke

The USA study indicates that drinking even two or more diet drinks a day makes us liable to stroke or heart disease, or even early death. The risk is higher in women than men and even worse for people who are overweight. Dr Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani lead author of the study at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine conducted the study over twelve years on 80,000 women, and concluded that ‘limiting the use of diet drinks was the most prudent thing to do’.

Energy and sports drinks, on the other hand, are not controlled. They contain sugar, food dyes, artificial flavours, thickeners and stabilizers, citric acid, (mainly fruit acids), which is not kind to our enamel. Although sports drinks are fortified to provide immediate energy for activities, they nevertheless are not good for the body if consumed too much.


If our body is dehydrated, we can have muscle spasm, weakness and cramps, which can result in heat exhaustion or stroke. We will also feel tired, sometimes dizzy, confused and irritable. The best and simple way to know we are dehydrated is to look at our pee. Thick yellow and with strong smell means we are dehydrated and need to start drinking regular water to stay hydrated.

Does Water Get Bad?

Although we have a culture of putting a shelf life on bottled water. Public Health Authority told us that if properly covered, water can last up to a thousand year, and still be suitable for drinking. It is true that this sort of water can acquire the taste of the plastic or the environment placed, nevertheless the water in itself is not bad.

So let us look at storage. Water in plastic is actually porous, meaning molecules in the air can penetrate through the plastic, giving it odour and taste. So glass containers, like bottles are better for soring water, simply because of the impenetrable property of molecules and odour.

Do We Have To Boil Tap Water?

Boiling does kill most bacteria and viruses, in cases of contaminated water. Boiling does kill micro-organisms that survive along the pipes that bring the water to our homes. However boiling will not remove traces of metals, pesticides and chlorine in our water. Indeed, it will concentrate the metals, as boiling reduces the volume (some escapes via steam).

Soft Or Hard Water?

Hard water does contain a higher percentage of calcium and magnesium in the area where we find the residue of these two metals. Hard water is not bad in itself, as drinking hard water provides the body with these two minerals. The only problem is that it interferes with household cleaning agents, skin and hair. This can be problematic in that it leaves residue in appliances and pipes, making them less effective.

Water, an elixir of life – mrjn photo on Unsplash

Making hard water soft involves treating it with sodium and potassium, to reduce the effect, or eliminate the calcium and magnesium entirely. The major issue of this is that this sort of water is not good for people with high blood pressure, and some other heart problem. Although there have been other treatment of hard water that does not use sodium and potassium combination.

Rain Water

is evaporated water from the atmosphere. This evaporated water is held up in the cloud until it becomes apparent that it can no longer hold on to it, so it pours out as rain. Rainwater gathers along with it, particles of dust, fumes, microbes, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere when it is pouring. The particles of dust and bacteria will depend on the pollution in the area and varied from man-made ones like clouds of dust from the soil and atmosphere, and fumes from vehicles and machinery to natural ones like pollens and birds droppings. We cannot also rule out the fact that wind allows cross-contamination across a wider area than we can ever believe possible. Rainwater contains dissolved carbon dioxide in the air, which makes it slightly acidic. Some people ask if rainwater is drinkable.

Rainwater provides for all – Shah Shah photo on Unsplash

Is Rain Water Drinkable?

The question of whether rainwater is drinkable depends on its purity. And the purity is determined by the area you live, and the collecting container used to gather the rainwater. If you live in an area that you have regular rain, then the rainwater is likely to be purer. This is when you do not collect from the start of the rain, but allowing it to run out for a while before starting to collect. The logic here is to run out the dirtier part of the rain, to flow out first.

The first rainwater washes along with specks of dirt and debris, especially through trees or roofs. Subsequent ones are purer, so collect in a clean container and allow to stand for a while, before the filter the rest. The filtered water is suitable for drinking.

The History Of Drinking Rainwater

The Islamic book of Quran refers to rainwater as Mubarak Water, which means the water of life.

The Practice Of Self Love

Until recently self-love is seen as something selfish and self-centred, but psychologist has thrown more insight into why we all need to practice self-love. This is because it is only when we feel right and balanced ourselves are we in a position to give help and support to others. So the onus is on us to ensure that we can give more by taking care of our needs first. This need includes physical, psychological and spiritual.

Self-care is an important aspect of loving ourselves. It is the practice of deliberately taking action for our self care, and it involves emotionally trying to mitigate our mindsand thinking ability vis a vis all that happen around us.

This means our inner being is important, trying to improve daily, Having an emotionally Spiritual balance is the key here. Self-care is putting your health and happiness first.

It is important to know why this is essential. Practising kindness towards ourselves is akin to what we are taught in all emergency situations. First, put on your own oxygen mask before you are able to help your child. Look for dangers first before you rush in to help another. When we show ourselves such compassion and kindness, we are in a position to be available with more resilience and vigour to help others in the long run. Here are what we need to do to make self love viable in our life.

Differentiate Needs From Want

It is important to take complete control of our life, and the best way to do this is by differentiating needs from wants. This way we can focus on our needs by evaluating our life patterns and adjust accordingly. This includes spending time daily to focus on ourselves and ensuring there is a balance in your life. What are life’s basic needs to focus on? The most important is good nutrition. Have we heard of the term, ‘Eat your foods as medicine, otherwise you will eat your medicine as foods’ This is telling us about the importance of good nutrition for optimum health? Other basic needs are physical activities like exercise, living a sedentary life actually shortens life and deaden the activity of the joints. So regularly exercise the limbs by taking a walk, preferably in the open park because of fresher air and the serenity it affords

Shine And Radiate Within

Forgive Yourself

We all have a skeleton in our cupboards, something we have done in the past, that we now regret because of maturity and more understanding of life. So let us forgive ourselves knowing that we have done these deeds under ignorance. Moreover, we grow by learning, and making mistakes, (some of which we cannot reverse), is part of learning and growing up spiritually.

Wounds related to our identity and our sense of self takes time to heal. It is therefore important to know the reason for the pain. To complete the healing, we might need to realise the higher meaning to the pain. Laugh a lot and don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at your mistakes and stupidity.

Set Your Boundaries – Live your life your own way

No one can really love you like yourself, so evaluate your friends and set boundaries. There’s nothing demoralising than being with negative people, and those who do not value life as you do. Do you move with the right kind of people who lift up your spirit, take a positive interest in achieving together etc? If not, then you need to move away from those kinds of people. What will help in setting boundaries is knowing what your values are, and setting your own goals to achieving them. Drop out of an unhealthy relationship, and do not try to please anyone.

You must realise that you cannot be everything and all to everyone, so set the boundaries. Know which relationship to nurture, and which one to get rid of.

Another issue is to ignore others’ opinion of you. All that matters is that you are doing the right thing, so whatever anyone thinks of you should then not matter.

Take the needed rest, not working every day. Have ”A ME” time to yourself, to connect with those that value you. Take time to relax. Light scented candles. Listen to classical music, reading and walking in the park are all helpful in one’s relaxation. Do you have a pet, then play with your pet often.

Give And Accept Love

Live life to the full, by giving and receiving from others. Most of us believe we ought to give and give, forgetting that where there are givers, there will be receivers. And it is healthy to embrace gifts from others as well. So be a grateful receiver of God’s blessing. Accept good gestures, appreciate those who cross your path with their radiance and blessings.

Practice gratitude by writing things you are most grateful for on a daily basis, and dwell on that each morning. Don’t take your life for granted.

Excellence is a habit – Aristole

Moderate Excercise

Know your body and what works for you, so you are unique here, and no size fits all in exercise. This needs not to be vigorous or in a gym is one reason why you need to know what works for you. Simply walking in open space or nature might be enough.

Find A Space To Connect

Without connecting to your Higher Self, life cannot get to an optimum benefit level. Connecting helps us to de-stress and enjoy life to the maximum. How do we do this? Very simple, it is by having a ‘ME TIME’ to reflect on life, nature, creation and how you fit in with them. You can reflect in silence, by listening to music, or generally meditation. Chronic stress does make us vulnerable to infection.

Electronic Detox

Have free time from TVs, phones, electronic gadgets like gaming, smart watches/smart home etc, social media etc. Studies show how today’s kids suffer from depression because of early connection to all the negative stuff on social media.

Eat Healthily

Having a balance body weight is a lifetime problem that cannot be solved by a short time easy solution. That is the reason we see most people struggle with their weight. So the more people realise this the better. This is because all weight gain is directly related to food one eats.

The way forward here is to understand your body relates to food and adjust accordingly. This is simply individual eating healthy TO STAY HEALTHY to suit your body. It involves how your body digest foods you eat, but more importantly those that you love.

However eating more plant-based foods, like fruits and vegetables are all basic to healthy living. Drink loads of water, and supplement where necessary.


Sleep can be the best medicine, a German study found that having enough sleep improves the ability of T-cells, a key part of the body’s immune system that fights infection.

Follow Up On Your Health Concern

It is important to get medical attention for all your health concern. A simple blood test which should be carried out at least once in three years can indicate a variety of health concerns.